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Welcome to the world of Doctor Who! We are off on an exciting trip with the Fifth Doctor. The story “Return to the Web Planet” takes us to a famous spot in Doctor Who’s world. Dive into this journey of time-travel, alien civilizations, and the brave Doctor.

The Fifth Doctor is played by Peter Davison. He is a favorite Doctor for many. “Return to the Web Planet” lets us join him on a daring adventure requiring courage and cleverness.

Let’s talk about why the Web Planet is special. It first showed up in the 1960s in the Doctor Who series. With its odd landscapes and creatures, it has won fans’ hearts.

Our beloved Time Lord is back at the Web Planet. It’s filled with suspense as he faces new obstacles. The Doctor and his friends meet weird creatures and navigate dangerous places. It’s a thrilling ride.

The Fifth Doctor isn’t alone. He has friends who help him out. They bring their own skills to the story, making it richer.

The audio version of “Return to the Web Planet” is very engaging. Sound effects, great voice acting, and music make you feel like you’re in the story. It’s like being a part of the Doctor Who universe.

This audiobook gives a nod to the original “Web Planet” shows. It’s fun for fans who’ve watched the Doctor for years. They will catch references to past episodes.

Fans really like “Return to the Web Planet.” They enjoy the story and how the Fifth Doctor is shown. This shows how much people love Doctor Who stories, whether on TV or as an audiobook.

“Return to the Web Planet” is important for Doctor Who’s world. It could shape future stories and characters. It shows how one adventure can add to the Doctor Who legend.

In the end, “Return to the Web Planet” is great for Doctor Who fans. It has things fans love: old memories, great storytelling, and fun characters. So, put on your headphones and journey with the Fifth Doctor.

Key Takeaways:

  • Join the Fifth Doctor on an exciting adventure in “Return to the Web Planet” audiobook.
  • Experience the nostalgia and homage to the classic “Web Planet” episodes.
  • Discover the unique audio adaptation that brings the story to life.
  • Explore the significance of the Web Planet as a classic Doctor Who setting.
  • Delve into the fan reception and reviews of this captivating audiobook.

The Fifth Doctor and his Adventures

Peter Davison played the Fifth Doctor on Doctor Who. He was known for his young look and cricket clothes. He took us on exciting trips through time and space.

In “Kinda,” he met a mind-reading group on Deva Loka. This story talked about dreams and the mind’s power.

He fought the Cybermen in “Earthshock.” It was a big fight that showed his courage.

The Fifth Doctor also went on other great trips. Like “The Caves of Androzani” and “Frontios.” He always showed smarts, kindness, and fairness.

Fifth Doctor

  • The Doctor’s Companions: Adric, Nyssa, Tegan, and Peri traveled with the Fifth Doctor. They all added something special to the team.
  • The TARDIS: The Doctor’s ship, the TARDIS, was very important, too. It let him travel in time and space.

Stay with us to learn more about the Fifth Doctor’s travels. But first, look at this amazing picture:

Get ready for more Doctor Who stories. We will talk about the “Return to the Web Planet” next.

The Web Planet: A Classic Setting

The Web Planet is a beloved spot in Doctor Who. It is an alien world that captures hearts. It’s a classic spot in the series’ history.

The episode “The Web Planet” in 1965 was its first show. It showed the Doctor meeting giant insects. Viewers loved the unique look of this place.

This planet has many plants and animals. It also has interesting characters and big webs. It’s a key spot in the Doctor Who world.

The series has visited the Web Planet many times. Each visit brings new stories. It’s been in comics and audiobooks too.

The planet has amazing scenes, strange creatures, and big ideas. It’s loved by Doctor Who fans. It shows the show’s endless creativity.

The Plot of “Return to the Web Planet”

In the audiobook “Return to the Web Planet,” the Fifth Doctor goes on an exciting trip. He visits the Web Planet again, a place full of mystery. There, he faces many challenges and makes thrilling discoveries.

Return to the Web Planet

The story shows the Fifth Doctor exploring the Web Planet. He meets odd creatures and sees strange webs and Vortis Silk. He tries to solve the mysteries of this world. In doing so, he battles an old evil that could harm the Web Planet and time and space.

The Fifth Doctor uses his smarts and courage to lead his friends. Together, they work to beat the tough challenges. Their goal is to save the Web Planet from danger.

This audiobook hooks listeners with its great storytelling and deep characters. “Return to the Web Planet” brings us back to a beloved Doctor Who place in a new and fun way.

As the tale goes on, listeners find themselves in a world full of risk and mystery. It’s an adventure that brings excitement and the joy of the Fifth Doctor’s brave heart. It’s a journey full of surprises and nail-biting moments for both new and loyal fans.

The Fifth Doctor’s Companions

The Fifth Doctor goes on an exciting trip to the Web Planet. He is not alone. He has his trusty friends with him. These friends are very important in the audiobook. They make the story more interesting.

The Companions:

  • Peri Brown: Played by Nicola Bryant, Peri is a brave and resourceful companion who first joined the Doctor during his regeneration from the Fourth Doctor. Her strong-willed nature and determination bring a unique dynamic to the team.
  • Erimem: Portrayed by Caroline Morris, Erimem is an Egyptian princess who escapes her own time to travel with the Doctor. Her historical knowledge and strength make her a valuable member of the group.
  • Vislor Turlough: Played by Mark Strickson, Turlough is an enigmatic character with a mysterious past. Although initially under the influence of an alien entity, he eventually becomes a loyal and trusted ally to the Doctor.

Each friend has their own special traits and views. They make the story better. They add more to the Doctor’s travels through time and space.

Audio Adaptation of “Return to the Web Planet”

Step into the exciting world of “Return to the Web Planet.” Start an amazing audio journey. This version makes the Doctor Who story come alive in new ways.

It uses sound effects, voices, and music to pull you into the Web Planet’s universe. Each detail makes the story more interesting and fun to listen to.

The audio lets fans enjoy the original story again. It also introduces new people to its wonders.

Great voice actors make the characters feel real. They capture how each character is special. Every voice makes the story deeper, so you get really into it.

Sound effects make the Web Planet seem like it’s all around you. You can hear the alien plants and big caves. Every sound makes it more exciting to explore.

Enchanting Music

The music adds a lot to the story. It makes you feel more emotions and excitement. The music makes important parts stand out and builds suspense.

This audio version lets you use your imagination to see the story. You can picture the web-covered planet without seeing it. The story is yours to imagine.

It doesn’t matter if you love Doctor Who or are new to it. This version of “Return to the Web Planet” is something you’ll really enjoy. It makes you want to hear what happens next.

Nostalgia and Homage

The audio adaptation “Return to the Web Planet” brings back good old times. It honors the original “Web Planet” from Doctor Who. Fans will love the hidden hints and connections to the old story.

As you listen, you’ll find things that remind you of the “Web Planet” episodes. Sounds of Zarbi and the views of Vortis come alive. The way they describe everything makes you feel like you’re back in Doctor Who’s golden age.

“Return to the Web Planet” also cleverly honors the classic story. It has little hints and connections that excite old fans. Mentioning unforgettable moments and bringing back loved characters shows love for Doctor Who’s past.


Fan Reception and Reviews

Since its release, “Return to the Web Planet” has won over fans. Doctor Who lovers have given it great reviews. The audiobook has caught attention with its engaging story and a touch of nostalgia.

Fans have loved how the Fifth Doctor and his friends are shown. Peter Davison plays the Doctor. The true-to-character performances are a big hit. The bond between the Doctor and his companions makes the story even better.

The audiobook is praised for staying true to the “Web Planet” episodes. It brings back memories for long-time fans. The audio format lets listeners dive into the Web Planet’s world again.

The audiobook’s production quality gets a lot of praise too. The voice acting, sound effects, and music are top-notch. They make the story come alive. Listening becomes a fun and rich experience.

The way the audiobook captures Doctor Who’s essence has been applauded. The plot mixes adventure, mystery, and emotion well. It keeps listeners hooked from the beginning to the end.

Still, some reviews mention minor flaws. These include pacing problems and not enough growth for some characters. But, these issues hardly lessen the overall fun of the audiobook.

To wrap it up, “Return to the Web Planet” has struck a chord with fans. It brings back the joy of the Fifth Doctor and the Doctor Who world. With its charm, gripping story, and strong delivery, this audiobook takes listeners back to the Web Planet. It’s a memorable journey for Doctor Who fans.

Legacy and Continued Adventures

“Return to the Web Planet” shows us its strong legacy in the Doctor Who series. The story has greatly affected how fans see the Fifth Doctor and his friends. Their travels in time and space carry this story’s mark.

The legacy of this audiobook goes beyond just one story. Its exciting plot and characters could shape future tales. Fans are waiting to see how it influences what comes next.

Moreover, the continued adventures of the Fifth Doctor and his group gain from visiting the Web Planet again. This classic Doctor Who place helps fans connect old and new stories. It adds layers to the Time Lord’s long history.

The legacy of “Return to the Web Planet” might keep appearing in the Doctor Who series. It could be through small mentions or by developing characters more. Fans look forward to surprises and new details in future stories. All thanks to this special audiobook.


“Return to the Web Planet” is a thrilling audio tale for Doctor Who fans. It brings back the charm of the “Web Planet” with new twists. It’s great for all fans, offering an exciting story and cool characters.


What is “Return to the Web Planet”?

“Return to the Web Planet” is a Fifth Doctor story, an audiobook. It’s about him revisiting the Web Planet.

Who is the Fifth Doctor?

The Fifth Doctor is from Doctor Who, played by Peter Davison. He’s the fifth version of the Doctor. He goes on many adventures.

What is the significance of the Web Planet?

The Web Planet is very special in Doctor Who. It’s a classic place in the show and is in other episodes too.

What is the plot of “Return to the Web Planet”?

In “Return to the Web Planet,” the Fifth Doctor goes back to the Web Planet. He faces challenges and makes discoveries there.

Who are the companions in “Return to the Web Planet”?

The story has friends joining the Fifth Doctor. They help and make the story deeper.

How is the audiobook “Return to the Web Planet” adapted for audio format?

The story is told with sounds, voices, and music in the audiobook. It makes listening very fun and interesting.

Does “Return to the Web Planet” pay homage to the original storyline?

Yes, it remembers the original “Web Planet.” It has special parts that old Doctor Who fans will love.

How has “Return to the Web Planet” been received by fans?

Fans of Doctor Who really like it. They say it’s exciting and fits well with Doctor Who stories.

What is the impact of “Return to the Web Planet” on the Doctor Who series and its fans?

It’s important for Doctor Who and its fans. It affects future stories, the Fifth Doctor, his friends, and adds to the show’s history.

Why should I listen to “Return to the Web Planet”?

It’s a great listen for fans. It has old and new parts that make it a must-hear for all Doctor Who fans.