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Welcome to the Doctor Who universe. Here, time-traveling adventures and exciting storylines are waiting for you. We will talk about “The Ratings War,” an audiobook adventure with the Sixth Doctor.

Join the Sixth Doctor in the TARDIS for “The Ratings War”. This story is full of wit, intelligence, and bravery. It has a plot that will keep you guessing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor AdventuresThe Ratings War is an exciting adventure with the Sixth Doctor.
  • The story has a tricky plot. The Sixth Doctor meets new challenges and obstacles.
  • The audiobook brings to life the captivating world of Doctor Who.
  • Supporting characters in “The Ratings War” are crucial to the story. They make a big impact.
  • The story also explores deep themes. They add more meaning to the Doctor Who universe.

Overview of The Ratings War

In the “Doctor Who” audiobook, “The Ratings War,” fans enjoy a fun story. It stars the Sixth Doctor. The adventure involves time travel and space battles.

This story is about the Ratings War, fought by TV networks in the future. The Sixth Doctor gets involved. He tries to find out how the ratings are being changed.

Listeners meet many interesting characters. They join the Doctor on exciting adventures. Together, they solve mysteries and face challenges.

This story shows the Sixth Doctor’s unique personality. Colin Baker played him on TV. He’s known for his bright clothes and smart mind.

The setting of “The Ratings War” pulls listeners in. It has future worlds and places fans know. The story makes you feel like you’re right there.

The Ratings War explores important ideas. It talks about power, right and wrong, and TV’s influence. The Doctor deals with these big topics in the story.

“The Ratings War” is great for all Doctor Who fans. Newcomers will also love it. It’s a memorable part of the Doctor Who series.

The Sixth Doctor’s Role

In “The Ratings War,” the Sixth Doctor steals the show. Colin Baker plays him. He’s known for his bright clothes and big personality.

The Sixth Doctor faces a challenge in a TV ratings battle. He uses his cleverness to find a hidden plan. This plan could hurt the universe.

He meets tough enemies and solves tricky problems. His love for truth drives the story. It makes listeners admire the Doctor.

Colin Baker brings the Sixth Doctor to life. His acting shows how the Doctor has changed. The Doctor is smart, funny, and full of surprises.

The Doctor’s strong character helps him make hard choices. He works to save the day. The story is exciting and shows why people love Doctor Who.

Let’s learn more about “The Ratings War” next. Stay with us.

The Plot Unveiled

The Sixth Doctor shines in “The Ratings War.” This Doctor Who story is thrilling. It explores a scheme that could change time and space itself.

The Sixth Doctor faces a foe who wants to control TV ratings. This dangerous plan could upset peace between species and worlds.

He’s determined to find the truth. The story’s twists keep readers on edge. It’s a quest to protect the universe from chaos.

The tale is full of shocks and smart challenges. It shows the Sixth Doctor’s courage and brainpower. Listeners will get pulled into the fight for justice.

Confronting the Threat

The Doctor stands firm against many tests. He uses his wit and skills to solve puzzles. This story highlights his cleverness and bravery.

“The Ratings War” takes readers on an exciting ride. It has daring adventures and lots of suspense. As the danger grows, so does the excitement.

The story’s charm wins over fans and new listeners. It has a great plot and memorable characters. It’s a journey with the Sixth Doctor that’s hard to forget.

The Ratings War Audiobook

  1. The Ratings War unveils a devious plot that threatens the fabric of time and space.
  2. The story follows the Sixth Doctor as he battles against a mysterious adversary.
  3. Intricate alliances and dangerous enemies challenge the Doctor’s resolve.
  4. The plot escalates, raising the tension and stakes for the Doctor and the universe.
  5. The Sixth Doctor showcases his resourcefulness and intellect in unraveling the truth.
  6. Engaging action and suspense make “The Ratings War” a thrilling adventure.
  7. The audiobook’s enduring appeal captures the essence of Doctor Who.

Setting and Atmosphere

“The Ratings War” audiobook takes you to a fascinating world. It uses the rich Doctor Who universe. This story takes listeners to many bright and lively places.

Each place adds to the story’s feeling and mood. There are busy future cities and empty alien lands. They help you dive into the Sixth Doctor’s world. You go through time and space, seeing it all clearly.

The story’s mood also adds a lot. Sound and music make the tale more moving. They bring tension, fun, and wonder. They make you feel everything from excitement to sadness.

The amazing places and sounds in “The Ratings War” make a great Doctor Who adventure. As you listen, you feel like you’re on an exciting trip with the Sixth Doctor.

Supporting Characters

In “The Ratings War,” the Sixth Doctor meets many key supporting characters. They bring depth and make the story more interesting.

One such character is Charlotte Pollard. She is a smart and resourceful friend to the Sixth Doctor. Charlotte helps a lot with her quick thinking.

Maxwell Edison is the story’s bad guy. He competes with the Doctor’s radio station. Edison’s mean plans make the story exciting and suspenseful.

Daisy Stratton is also important. She is a skilled radio producer. Her knowledge and passion are key in solving problems.

Evelyn McDonald, a young journalist, brings a new view. She wants to find the truth. Evelyn’s efforts add excitement and drive the story.

Other Supporting Characters:

  • Sir Henry Colchester: A top government official linked to the Doctor’s adventure.
  • Brenda Jerome: A radio executive deeply involved in the Doctor’s challenge.
  • The Cybermen: Famous foes of the Doctor, posing a great danger.

Together with the Sixth Doctor, these characters make “The Ratings War” a rich and engaging adventure. They help shape the story and challenge the Doctor in different ways.

High-Stakes Action

“The Ratings War” is a wild ride of excitement for Doctor Who fans. Right from the start, you’re thrown into thrilling events. These keep you guessing and glued to your seat.

High-Stakes Action

The Sixth Doctor meets many dangers as he tries to stop a dark plan. Each scene is full of action to make your heart beat fast. And the story always keeps you excited.

There are fierce battles and close escapes. The action in “The Ratings War” just doesn’t stop. Each surprise makes the story more gripping. You can’t wait to see what happens next.

This audiobook adventure is both well-written and full of suspense. It’s packed with moments that show how clever and brave the Sixth Doctor is. And it shows the big problems he solves to save the day.

For Doctor Who lovers wanting a thrilling story, “The Ratings War” is perfect. It’s full of non-stop action. It will take your breath away and leave you wanting more.

Themes and Messages

“The Ratings War” is a Doctor Who adventure with deep messages. It features the Sixth Doctor. It talks about power and the impact of media. It shows how media can sensationalize and manipulate things.

The story shows that truth is more important than fame. It reveals how some will do anything for control. This includes manipulating media and public opinion. It shows the negative effects of this on society.

The audiobook also talks about knowing who you are. It tells us that our identity isn’t based on others’ views. It stresses the importance of being true to ourselves.

The story questions the media’s role in shaping views. It looks at how media can influence things in good and bad ways. It challenges the idea that news is just for entertainment.

It also gives a message of hope and courage. The story tells us to keep fighting, no matter what. It encourages us to be our own heroes and stand up for what’s right.

“The Ratings War” is not just a Doctor Who story. It makes us think about life and the power of stories.

Reception and Reviews

“The Ratings War” audiobook has caught the eye of many in the Doctor Who world. Both fans and critics have talked about this exciting new chapter. They have shared what they think.

Many loved the audiobook, praising its story and how the actors performed. People enjoyed Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor. His charm and humor stood out.

The story blends Doctor Who lore very well. It shows the writer knows the series. The tale is quick and full of surprises. It keeps you guessing.

One reviewer said, “The Ratings War feels like the classic Doctor Who we love, with a story that is both familiar and new.” Another said, “It dives into how media works and the importance of stories. It stays true to Doctor Who’s heart.”

The audiobook’s sound and music also got love from listeners. These elements make the story real and fun to hear. Fans think the production is top-notch.

The Ratings War: A Fan Favorite

  • The dynamic chemistry between the Sixth Doctor and the supporting characters has been widely applauded, adding depth and complexity to the narrative.
  • The audiobook’s ability to transport listeners back to the beloved Doctor Who universe has been praised, making it a must-have for fans of the series.
  • Its success lies in its ability to pay homage to the classic Doctor Who episodes while still offering something new and exciting for both long-time fans and newcomers.

“The Ratings War” has become very popular with Doctor Who fans. It’s seen as a favorite. People think it’s great and love getting lost in its story.

Legacy and Impact

Since 2002, the Doctor Who audiobook “The Ratings War” has been very important. It features the Sixth Doctor. The impact of this story is huge.

“The Ratings War” talks about the media’s power in a deep way. It shows how TV shows depend on ratings and what people like. Fans have been thinking about this a lot.

The audiobook’s themes have made a big difference. They led to new stories in the Doctor Who world. The characters and their relationships influence new Doctor Who tales.

Doctor Who fans really love “The Ratings War.” They say it’s a key moment for the Sixth Doctor. They like the exciting story and how well the characters are shown.

The Enduring Influence of “The Ratings War”

The story has also inspired the people who make Doctor Who today. They keep exploring similar ideas about media and what’s real or not. “The Ratings War” is a key part of Doctor Who history and science fiction.

In short, “The Ratings War” has left a big mark on Doctor Who. Its stories, characters, and ideas have touched fans and shaped new tales. This audiobook is a big reason why Doctor Who keeps amazing people in many ways.

Similar Doctor Who Audiobooks

Fans of “The Ratings War” audiobook will love these other Doctor Who audiobooks too. They come packed with exciting adventures and stories. You’ll travel through time and space with the Doctor, enjoying many hours of fun.

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Go back to Tudor England with the Sixth Doctor and Evelyn Smythe in “The Marian Conspiracy.” They find a scary plot about Queen Mary. The story is a mix of history and science fiction. It is very exciting for Doctor Who fans.

Audiobook 2: The Last Voyage

Be with the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown on The Edifice, a big space ship, in “The Last Voyage.” They find a dangerous secret. They have to save everyone fast. It’s full of surprises and fun, perfect for fans of “The Ratings War.”

Audiobook 3: The Juggernauts

In “The Juggernauts,” the Sixth Doctor fights the bad Daleks. The universe’s fate is in their battle. It’s a story of action and bravery. Fans of “The Ratings War” will love this Dalek story.

These audiobooks are great for fans of “The Ratings War” and the Sixth Doctor. Each one is special, filled with Doctor Who magic. They’re perfect for all fans, old and new. You’ll go on great trips through time and space.


“The Ratings War” audiobook is very loved by Doctor Who fans. The Sixth Doctor leads a very exciting story. Listeners could not wait to hear what happened next.

The story shows how great Doctor Who can be. Every part of the tale grabs your attention. Fans felt like they were right there with the Doctor.

This story has made a big mark on Doctor Who. It’s important and fans still talk about it. It shows the story is not just good but also very special.

If you love Doctor Who, you must hear “The Ratings War”. It is a great story with cool people and deep ideas. Join the Sixth Doctor and enjoy the wild ride.


What is the “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Adventures – The Ratings War”?

It’s an adventure audiobook. It features the Sixth Doctor from the famous Doctor Who series.

What is the plot of “The Ratings War”?

The story is about the Sixth Doctor. He finds a sneaky plot in a TV ratings fight. He faces dangers and challenges.

Who is the Sixth Doctor and what is his role in the audiobook?

The Sixth Doctor is played by Colin Baker. He’s a Time Lord with a bold personality. In “The Ratings War,” he leads the adventure and outsmarts foes.

How would you describe the setting and atmosphere of “The Ratings War”?

The setting is a TV studio behind the scenes. It has mystery, suspense, and some humor.

Who are the supporting characters in “The Ratings War”?

There are TV chiefs, rival producers, and TV world people. They matter to the story.

Does “The Ratings War” feature high-stakes action?

Yes, it does. The Sixth Doctor faces many risks. There are exciting fights as he tries to win.

Are there any underlying themes or messages in “The Ratings War”?

The story looks at media tricks, storytelling power, and greed. It makes you think in the Doctor Who world.

How has “The Ratings War” been received by fans and critics?

Fans and critics like it a lot. They enjoy the story, acting, and how it shows the Sixth Doctor.

What is the legacy and impact of “The Ratings War” in the Doctor Who franchise?

It made a big mark on Doctor Who. Its story and people are remembered in other tales. It’s a key part of the series.

Can you recommend similar Doctor Who audiobooks?

Yes. If you liked “The Ratings War,” check out other Sixth Doctor books. Or others with action, mystery, and humor. Try “Vengeance on Varos,” “The Two Doctors,” and “The One Doctor.”

What is the conclusion of “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Adventures – The Ratings War”?

“The Ratings War” is a fun Doctor Who audiobook. It shows the Sixth Doctor’s skills. It has a gripping story, cool characters, and makes you think.