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Are you ready for a time and space adventure? “Doctor Who: UNIT – Dominion” is perfect. It’s an exciting audiobook for Doctor Who fans and new listeners. Join the Doctor and UNIT in their battle against the Dominion to save the universe.

Doctor Who has thrilled people for years. It’s a British TV show with amazing stories and characters. Fans worldwide love its time-travel tales.

UNIT stands for the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce. They help the Doctor protect Earth. In this audiobook, explore their daring missions against alien threats.

The Dominion are powerful enemies. They threaten UNIT and the whole universe. The Doctor and UNIT must fight their evil plan. They need all the help they can get.

This audiobook has great voice actors. It makes Doctor Who characters come alive with sound. Fans will enjoy hearing their favorites in a new way.

Key Takeaways:

  • “Doctor Who: UNIT – Dominion” is an exciting adventure for fans and newcomers.
  • Doctor Who is a famous British TV series with great time-travel stories.
  • UNIT helps the Doctor fight aliens to protect Earth.
  • The Dominion pose a big threat to UNIT and the universe.
  • The audiobook features talented voice actors and great production.

What is Doctor Who?

Doctor Who is a famous TV show from Britain. People across the globe love it. It’s filled with exciting trips, cool stories, and interesting people.

The Doctor is a special character. He’s a Time Lord from a place called Gallifrey. He travels time and space in his TARDIS. The show started in 1963. It’s the longest-running sci-fi TV show with more than 850 episodes.

What makes Doctor Who special are its deep stories. They talk about right and wrong, who we are, and time travel’s effects. Each show takes us on exciting trips to different times and places. We meet many aliens and foes.

The show has lots of fans called “Whovians.” They love dressing up and going to events. They enjoy talking about their favorite parts of the show.

Doctor Who is more than a TV show. It’s also in books, comics, video games, and more. This lets fans dive deeper into its world.

Are you new to Doctor Who? You’re in for an exciting adventure with time travel and great stories. Already a fan? Let’s dive into “Doctor Who: UNIT – Dominion” and see what’s next for the Doctor.

Introducing UNIT

In Doctor Who, UNIT protects Earth from aliens. It stands for United Nations Intelligence Taskforce. The Doctor and UNIT have shared many adventures.

The Origins of UNIT

UNIT first appeared in early Doctor Who episodes. It was set up to fight the Cybermen. Now, it defends against all alien dangers.

The group is led by Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. UNIT is known for being brave and smart in keeping Earth safe.

A Global Taskforce

UNIT’s full name shows it works worldwide. It has members from many countries. They use their skills to fight space threats.

Working alongside the Doctor

UNIT and the Doctor make a strong team. The Doctor’s alien knowledge helps UNIT. Together, they protect Earth.

Notable UNIT Members

  • Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart: A steadfast leader and long-time ally of the Doctor.
  • Captain Mike Yates: A dedicated UNIT officer who has faced numerous challenges alongside the Doctor.
  • Liz Shaw: A brilliant scientist who brings her expertise to UNIT’s investigations.

UNIT is a key part of the Doctor Who series. They and the Doctor face big threats in “Doctor Who: UNIT – Dominion.”

The Dominion Menace

In the thrilling world of Doctor Who, the menacing threat known as the Dominion looms large. This Doctor Who enemy is very powerful. They have a sinister plot that puts everyone at risk.

The Dominion is a formidable adversary. They can manipulate events and species to meet their evil goals. Their plot unfolds with precision. UNIT and the Doctor must work fast to stop them.

The Danger to UNIT and the Universe

The Dominion’s plot is a huge danger to UNIT. UNIT protects Earth from outer space threats. The whole universe is at risk too. The Dominion’s actions could change history.

Their evil plans could cause chaos and destruction. UNIT and the Doctor must work together to stop them. The fate of many worlds is in their hands.

To learn more about the Dominion’s plot, check out “Doctor Who: UNIT – Dominion.” It’s an audiobook full of action. You will be on the edge of your seat as the Doctor and UNIT fight to save the universe.

Dominion Menace

Stay tuned for more about UNIT’s clash with the Dominion. Also, learn about the Doctor’s important role in this big fight.

UNIT in Action

Get ready for excitement as UNIT fights against the Dominion. They face daring operations and meet alien species. Their goal is to protect humans from space dangers.

The Bravery of UNIT Operations

UNIT is very brave when they face the Dominion. They go into enemy places and find bad plots. They are not scared of hard lands or smart aliens.

Encounters with Alien Species

UNIT meets many types of aliens. They see old enemies and new threats from space. Each meeting is a big challenge. They talk, fight, and handle tough situations.

Battles for the Fate of Humanity

UNIT fights hard battles against the Dominion. These fights happen on Earth and in space. Their work shows their care for our planet. They fight with smart plans and teamwork.

The Doctor’s Involvement

The Doctor is very special in UNIT because of his unique skills. He knows a lot about time and space. This knowledge helps a lot in the fight against the Dominion.

His work with UNIT started when he was sent to Earth. He had to stay there. He helped UNIT and became friends with Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.

The Doctor’s skills are very important in dealing with the Dominion. He knows how to work through tough situations. His smart mind and caring heart make him a great hero.

His teamwork with UNIT makes them stronger. They learn a lot from him about aliens and technology. This helps them a lot in their battles.

In the story, the Doctor makes things more exciting. He mixes action, adventure, and smarts. This makes the story of “Doctor Who: UNIT – Dominion” very fun to follow.

Voice Cast and Production

The “Doctor Who: UNIT – Dominion” audiobook brings the Doctor Who world to life. The production team selected top voice actors for this task. They bring the beloved Doctor Who characters to life in a special way.

Actors known for Doctor Who and new ones worked together here. Their amazing voices make the story real and deep.

Audiobook production

The voice actors take you on an exciting journey. They capture the special traits of each character well. The audiobook stays true to the Doctor Who spirit.

The sound and music in the audiobook add to the excitement. They make you feel like you’re in the Doctor Who universe. It’s like you’re part of the adventure.

The team’s hard work makes this audiobook feel real and fun. “Doctor Who: UNIT – Dominion” is a trip to a world of adventure. It’s great for both fans and new listeners.

Reception and Reviews

In this section, we explore what people think about “Doctor Who: UNIT – Dominion”. Fans couldn’t wait for this new adventure. Their thoughts really show how much they love it.

  • People love this audiobook a lot. They enjoy the stories and how well everyone speaks. The mix of great tales and the Doctor Who world excites listeners. It’s a hit with fans and new people alike.
  • The Doctor Who community is super excited. Many have talked about it online, saying what they love the most. This audiobook is something all Doctor Who fans should hear.
  • Critics think the audiobook is made very well. They like how the sounds and music are used. It makes the story even more exciting. The actors do a great job of bringing characters to life.

“Doctor Who: UNIT – Dominion” really stands out in the Doctor Who world. It has awesome reviews and gets fans talking. If you love Doctor Who, you’ll want to listen to this audiobook.

Exploring the Expanded Universe

Doctor Who is loved by millions for its TV series. But it’s more than that. It has comics, books, and more, making a big universe for fans. This is known as the expanded universe.

Doctor Who Spin-Offs

There are lots of Doctor Who spin-offs to enjoy. They tell stories of other characters and times. Shows like Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures give more fun tales.

Multimedia Franchise

The fun doesn’t stop with TV and spin-offs. You can find Doctor Who in audiobooks, webisodes, and games. This lets fans dive deeper into its world.

Books and Comics

There are loads of Doctor Who books and comics. They tell new adventures and bring TV show visuals in comic form. Fans should definitely check them out.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or new, exploring the expanded universe is great. It offers new stories, characters, and worlds. This keeps Doctor Who alive and exciting for everyone.


As we finish our journey into Doctor Who and UNIT, we find a gem. “Doctor Who: UNIT – Dominion” is a must-listen story. Fans and new listeners will love it. It takes us deep into the Doctor Who world with its thrilling plot and amazing characters.

Long-time Doctor Who fans will get more from their favorite Time Lord and friends. They will enjoy the thrilling fights and strange aliens. The story keeps fans excited from beginning to end.

New fans will also love “Doctor Who: UNIT – Dominion.” It’s a great way to start with Doctor Who. The story is easy to follow. Plus, the voice actors make it even more fun to listen to.

So, if you love Doctor Who or just curious, “Doctor Who: UNIT – Dominion” is for you. It’s full of action and adventure. Join the Doctor and UNIT as they battle the Dominion. Get ready for an amazing journey!


What is “Doctor Who: UNIT – Dominion”?

“Doctor Who: UNIT – Dominion” is an exciting audiobook. It mixes the Doctor Who universe and UNIT organization. It follows UNIT and the Doctor fighting the evil Dominion.

What is Doctor Who?

Doctor Who is an iconic British TV show. It’s about the adventures of the Doctor, a Time Lord. The Doctor travels through time and space in the TARDIS. He meets friends and foes. The show has a big fan base and has been on for years.

What is UNIT?

UNIT stands for the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce. It’s part of the Doctor Who world. They protect Earth from aliens and work with the Doctor. UNIT has been in many episodes.

Who are the Dominion?

The Dominion is a big threat to UNIT and the universe. Their evil plan is dangerous for all. The Doctor and UNIT must stop them.

What kind of action can I expect from UNIT?

UNIT does daring operations and fights aliens. They battle threats and give fans excitement. The audiobook “Doctor Who: UNIT – Dominion” has lots of action with UNIT and the Dominion.

How does the Doctor contribute to UNIT’s fight against the Dominion?

The Doctor is a Time Lord with special skills. He helps UNIT with his knowledge and abilities. Together, they are a strong team against the Dominion.

Who are the voice actors involved in the production of “Doctor Who: UNIT – Dominion”?

The audiobook has talented voice actors. They bring the story to life. You can find out who they are on the official release.

What has been the reception of “Doctor Who: UNIT – Dominion”?

It has positive reviews from fans and critics. They like the story and performances. It’s a good addition to the Doctor Who audiobooks.

Is “Doctor Who: UNIT – Dominion” part of the expanded universe of Doctor Who?

Yes, it’s part of Doctor Who’s expanded universe. The franchise includes TV, books, comics, and more. This expands the Doctor Who world for fans.

Why should I listen to “Doctor Who: UNIT – Dominion”?

It’s an action-packed adventure for Doctor Who fans and new listeners. It has a great story and performance. It’s a good listen for those who like UNIT and the Doctor.