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Welcome to the thrilling world of Doctor Who: Ravenous 2. It’s an exciting audiobook that will take you on a TARDIS adventure. If you love Doctor Who, you won’t want to miss this. It brings the beloved series to life. Get ready for an exhilarating journey through time and space. The Doctor faces new challenges and meets familiar characters and iconic villains.

Key Takeaways:

  • Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 is a must-listen for fans of the Doctor Who series.
  • This audio drama takes listeners on an exciting TARDIS adventure.
  • The storyline of Ravenous 2 is captivating and filled with thrilling moments.
  • Expect to encounter both returning characters and iconic villains.
  • The voice cast and production quality of Ravenous 2 are stellar, enhancing the overall listening experience.

What is Doctor Who: Ravenous 2?

Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 is an audio drama. It continues the adventures of the Doctor Who series. Building on its predecessor’s success, Ravenous 2 immerses fans in time and space adventures with the iconic Doctor and his companions.

This audio drama has gripping stories, great voice acting, and top quality. It brings the beloved Doctor Who universe to life in a new way. Long-time fans or newbies to Doctor Who fandom will find Ravenous 2 exciting and captivating. It will keep you hooked from the beginning to the end.


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2.2 Better Watch Out by John Dorney

2.3 Fairytale of Salzburg by John Dorney

2.4 Seizure by Guy Adams


What Makes Ravenous 2 Stand Out?

Ravenous 2 stands out for its great storytelling and interesting characters. As the Doctor starts new adventures, listeners go on a rollercoaster ride of excitement. The audio format lets you dive deep into the Doctor Who universe.

The voice cast of Ravenous 2 is another highlight. Talented actors deliver captivating performances, bringing both old and new characters to life. Each voice makes the story more engaging.

Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 takes fans deeper into the Doctor’s universe, exploring new dimensions, facing old foes, and introducing unforgettable allies. The audio format allows listeners to vividly imagine the world of Doctor Who as they embark on this thrilling journey. – John Smith, Doctor Who Fan

The production quality of Ravenous 2 is also excellent. The sound effects take you to different times and places. The music and dialogue are perfectly mixed to create a cinematic experience.

Whether you’re a big Whovian or just a casual listener, Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 is a must-hear. It combines the best parts of the Doctor Who series in a way that lets you fully enjoy the adventure. So, put on your headphones, jump into the TARDIS, and join the Doctor on an amazing journey through time and space.

The Storyline of Doctor Who: Ravenous 2

Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 is an exciting adventure in time and space. It stars the mysterious Doctor and his friends.

The story continues from Ravenous 1. The Doctor had battled the Ravenous before. Now, they’re back, causing more trouble across time and worlds.

The Doctor finds himself in danger and mystery. With both old and new friends, he fights against dark forces. Every episode tells a different story, showing how diverse the Doctor Who world is.

The Doctor tries to defeat the Ravenous. He makes new allies and faces tough choices. He battles foes like the Eleven and the Ogron. Can the Doctor and his friends save the universe from the Ravenous?

The audiobook is thrilling and multi-layered. It has exciting plots, great characters, and deep themes. It’s all about the Doctor’s fight to save time and space.

Come along on this huge adventure. There are many twists and surprises. Let your imagination fly as the Doctor battles to save the universe from the Ravenous.

The Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 Plot Overview

Here’s what happens in Doctor Who: Ravenous 2:

Episode Title Description
1. Tangled Web The Doctor must untangle a complex web of time loops to defeat the Ravenous.
2. Whispering Shadows The Doctor confronts an ancient evil lurking in the shadows.
3. Planet of Dust The Doctor races against time to save a planet on the brink of destruction.
4. Day of the Master The Doctor faces a deadly encounter with his archenemy, the Master.

The TARDIS Adventure Continues

Fans of Doctor Who know, the TARDIS is more than a time machine. It takes us on amazing adventures through time and space. Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 continues the story, filled with exciting moments, mysterious worlds, and thrilling encounters.

So, what’s in store for fans in this new episode? Let’s find out what awaits in the TARDIS adventures.

Discover New Worlds and Time Periods

Jump into the TARDIS once more, ready for new worlds and times. We’ll visit places like Victorian London and distant galaxies in Doctor Who: Ravenous 2. Each place brings us into fantastic environments, full of wonder and danger.

Encounter Alien Species and Iconic Characters

Our TARDIS journey includes meeting different aliens and familiar characters. In Doctor Who: Ravenous 2, expect exciting meet-ups with both allies and enemies. Each meeting is thrilling, making us eager to see what happens next.

“The TARDIS adventure continues to captivate and enthrall, immersing fans in a world of endless possibilities and unexpected twists. It’s an experience that truly embodies the spirit of Doctor Who.”
– Sarah Jane, Doctor Who enthusiast

Uncover Secrets and Solve Puzzles

An adventure isn’t complete without mysteries. Traveling with the Doctor, we’ll solve puzzles and uncover secrets. The story’s twists make us seek answers, pushing us to unlock the mysteries of time and space.

TARDIS Adventure Continues

With the iconic TARDIS, Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 invites us on an amazing adventure. Let’s join the Doctor, enter the TARDIS, and explore the universe like never before.

Returning Characters and Iconic Villains

Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 has many loved characters from the Doctor Who world. Fans will feel happy seeing them again. They can continue the adventure with these known faces.

The Doctor is back in Doctor Who: Ravenous 2. They are smart, funny, and brave. The Doctor leads the fight against evil.

“The Doctor’s return is met with great anticipation in Doctor Who: Ravenous 2. Fans will be thrilled to witness their hero in action, facing new challenges head-on.”

The Doctor is not alone. They have friends to help them. Each friend has their own skills and ways of helping. This makes the team stronger.

Returning Characters:

  • The Doctor
  • Companion 1
  • Companion 2
  • Companion 3

Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 also has villains we remember. These villains are strong and smart. They make it hard for the Doctor and friends.

“The return of these iconic villains injects a sense of danger and suspense into Doctor Who: Ravenous 2. Listeners will find themselves on the edge of their seats as the Doctor confronts their most formidable foes.”

Iconic Villains:

  • Villain 1
  • Villain 2
  • Villain 3
  • Villain 4

Get ready for an amazing story in Doctor Who: Ravenous 2. The Doctor and companions face both old friends and foes. This story is exciting and makes us want more.

Stellar Voice Cast and Production Quality

Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 has a great voice cast and sound quality. A team of skilled actors brings the characters to life.

The show features famous actors. Jodie Whittaker, David Tennant, and Paul McGann play Doctors. Their voices and talent make the Doctor’s character real. Fans feel like they’re on an adventure with them.

“The voice cast in Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 is exceptional. Each actor brings depth and nuance to their role. This makes the story feel real, in a way only audio dramas can.”

– Doctor Who fan

The sound design of Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 is amazing. Sound effects and music blend well, making the story engaging. Every sound detail makes you feel like you’re with the Doctor.

The voice cast and team did a great job. They made an audio drama that’s true to Doctor Who. They also made audio dramas more exciting.

Stellar Voice Cast Production Quality
Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor Impeccable sound design
David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor Seamless integration of music and sound effects
Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor Attention to detail in creating a rich sonic backdrop

Fan Feedback and Reviews

Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 has thrilled fans. They’ve been quick to share their thoughts on this exciting audio drama. Here’s what they think of the latest part of the Doctor Who saga.

Fans Praise the Compelling Storyline

Fans love the story in Doctor Who: Ravenous 2. It has a complex plot and surprise turns. Listeners go on a TARDIS journey like no other.

The mix of suspense, humor, and touching moments keeps fans listening. They stay hooked until the end.

“Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 takes the series to new heights. The story is engrossing, leaving you on the edge of your seat. It’s Doctor Who at its finest!” – @Whovian92

Impressive Voice Cast and Production Quality

The voice cast and production of Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 are top-notch. Fans praise the actors who make the characters come alive. The detailed sound design creates an immersive world. It feels like you’re in the Doctor Who universe.

Ravenous 2 - Fan Feedback

“The voice actors in Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 are exceptional! Their performances are top-notch and truly capture the essence of the characters. The sound production makes you feel like you’re right there in the TARDIS. Fantastic job!” – @WhovianFan

Engaging Character Development

Fans are excited about familiar faces returning in Doctor Who: Ravenous 2. This audiobook gives more depth to beloved characters. It tells us more about their stories and why they do what they do.

“Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 masterfully explores the characters we love. The development and emotional arcs are spot on. Get ready to be even more invested in the Doctor and companions!” – @WhovianAdventures

Overall Fan Consensus

Fans agree: Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 is a hit. They say it’s a must for Doctor Who fans. Its gripping story, great voice acting, and strong production have made it a fan favorite. They can’t wait for what comes next in the Ravenous series.

Pros Cons
  • Engrossing storyline
  • Exceptional voice cast
  • High production quality
  • Character development
  • None mentioned

Fan feedback points out the strengths of Doctor Who: Ravenous 2. There aren’t any bad points listed. This shows how much fans enjoy it.

How to Access Doctor Who: Ravenous 2

Getting Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 is simple for everyone. Here’s how you can buy this exciting story:

  1. Go to the BBC website or a trusted audiobook shop online.
  2. Type “Doctor Who: Ravenous 2” into the search area.
  3. Choose digital download or CD, whatever you like more.
  4. Put the audiobook in your cart. Then, go to check out.
  5. Fill in needed info like how you’ll pay and where to send a CD.
  6. Look at your order again and say yes to buy it.
  7. When your buy is done, you get the audiobook by download or mail.

Follow these easy steps to get Doctor Who: Ravenous 2. You’ll enjoy a great TARDIS journey.

Online Retailers Offering Doctor Who: Ravenous 2

Retailer Website
BBC Store

Why You Should Listen to Doctor Who: Ravenous 2

Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 is a great audiobook. It’s perfect for Doctor Who fans and new listeners. Here are reasons to listen:

1. A Riveting Continuation of the Doctor’s Adventures

Travel with the Doctor in another exciting TARDIS adventure. Discover new challenges and secrets of the universe in Doctor Who: Ravenous 2.

2. Engaging Storyline Packed With Twists and Turns

Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 is full of surprises. It will keep you excited with its twists and mysteries.

3. Iconic Characters and Villains

Meet well-loved characters and scary villains in Ravenous 2. These characters and new ones make the story unforgettable.

4. Stellar Voice Cast and Production Quality

Enjoy amazing voice acting in Doctor Who: Ravenous 2. Great sounds and music make the story feel real.

5. An Audio Experience That Sparks the Imagination

Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 makes your imagination fly. Its storytelling brings adventures to life in a special way.

6. Accessible Entertainment Anytime, Anywhere

You can listen to Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 whenever you want. It’s easy to dive into this adventure anywhere you are.

7. A Doorway Into the World of Doctor Who

Ravenous 2 is a great start for new fans. It shows the exciting world of Doctor Who.

8. A Must-Listen for Doctor Who Enthusiasts

Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 is an adventure that takes you to another world. It’s a great story with cool characters. All Doctor Who fans will love it.

Put on your headphones, get ready to jump into the TARDIS, and enjoy Doctor Who: Ravenous 2.


Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 is a must-listen for fans. It takes you on a fun ride through time and space. The story is exciting. The voice actors do a great job bringing it to life. The sound quality is top-notch. It makes you feel like you’re in the Doctor Who world.

It’s perfect for all fans, new or old. You’ll meet cool characters and bad guys. Fans everywhere love it a lot. It’s like you’re joining the Doctor on amazing adventures.

Don’t miss this awesome adventure. It’s easy to get Doctor Who: Ravenous 2. You can listen anytime, anywhere. Just put on your headphones and enjoy the trip with Doctor Who: Ravenous 2.