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Go on a fun sound trip with “The Companion Chronicles: The Darkening Eye” audiobook. You’ll meet the Doctor and his friend. They face cool quests across time.

  • Experience the excitement of Doctor Who in audiobook form with “The Companion Chronicles: The Darkening Eye.”
  • Follow the Doctor and his companion’s journey through captivating plotlines and thrilling adventures.
  • Discover the talented voice actors who bring the characters to life.
  • Explore the connections to other Doctor Who stories and expanded universe lore.
  • Find out the recommended listening order for a complete experience.


Introduction to Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles

Welcome to Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles. It’s an exciting audio series with thrilling adventures. Fans of Doctor Who will love it.

This series tells stories from the Doctor’s companions’ point of view. Listeners go on amazing journeys across time and space.

Every episode explores the Doctor’s companions’ lives. Characters like Sarah Jane Smith to Jamie McCrimmon come to life. Talented actors make you feel part of each story.

There are stories from all Doctor Who eras. Whether you love the classic or modern Doctors, there’s something for you.

The Companion Chronicles are fun and entertaining. Join us for these amazing audio adventures in the Doctor Who world.

The Darkening Eye: Plot Overview

Dive into “The Darkening Eye” and find exciting challenges. The Doctor and his companion face them in this Doctor Who audiobook.


The Doctor travels through time and space. He and his companion go on a daring journey. They visit distant planets and face dangerous foes.

Exploring the Darkening Eye

The Doctor and his friend uncover “The Darkening Eye” mysteries. Intrigue and deception trap them in an exciting story.

“The Darkening Eye” is a thrilling adventure through time. With unexpected twists, the Doctor overcomes big challenges. Can he solve the eye’s mystery and bring peace to the universe?

The story mixes science fiction with suspense. It talks about right and wrong, sacrifice, and action consequences.

The Doctor’s Companion

The Doctor has a loyal friend by his side. Together, they brave dangers and solve space and time puzzles.

The Darkening Eye: A Must-Listen

“The Darkening Eye” is a must for Doctor Who fans. Its exciting story, characters, and deep ideas stand out in the Doctor Who world.

Key Highlights: Challenges:
Thrilling plot twists Dangerous adversaries
Intriguing mysteries Decoding complex puzzles
Explosive action sequences Battling against the odds

Meet the Characters

In “Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: The Darkening Eye,” meet many interesting people. These characters make the story exciting.

The Doctor

The Doctor is very smart and loves adventure. They play a big role in “Doctor Who.” In “The Darkening Eye,” they face a big mystery.

They need to use their brains and courage.

The Companion

The Doctor’s friend is very brave and smart. They help us see the Doctor’s world in “The Darkening Eye.”

The Antagonist

A big villain challenges the Doctor and their friend. They are very strong but the Doctor is smart.

They need to stop the villain to save the universe.

Supporting Characters

Many other interesting people help tell this story. They are friends and enemies with their own stories.

They make the adventure more fun and rich.

Now you know the main people in “The Darkening Eye.” Get ready for a fun adventure with the Doctor and friends.

Character Description
The Doctor The enigmatic Time Lord who travels through time and space in their TARDIS.
The Companion The loyal companion who accompanies the Doctor on their adventures.
The Antagonist The formidable enemy that poses a threat to the Doctor and the universe.
Supporting Characters A diverse ensemble of characters who enhance the story and provide unique perspectives.

Behind the Scenes: Production and Narration

Take a special peek behind the making of “Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: The Darkening Eye” audiobook. See how a fantastic journey is made alive by skilled folks.

Production Process

Making “The Darkening Eye” takes a lot of careful work. People from many jobs work together. They make sure listeners get drawn into the story.

  1. The Script: David Bishop, a famous writer, makes a story full of Doctor Who magic. He knows the Doctor Who world very well. His story grabs you and holds on.
  2. Voice Direction: Ken Bentley is great at directing actors. He makes sure their acting fits perfectly with Doctor Who. His work helps make the story feel real.
  3. Recording Sessions: Voice actors come together to record their parts. They love the series and it shows. Their hard work makes listeners feel like they’re part of the adventure.
  4. Sound Effects: Sound experts add cool sounds to the story. They make everything from spaceship noises to strange worlds. Their sounds make the story’s world seem real.

Voice Actors

The voice actors make the characters in “The Darkening Eye” unforgettable. They make the story exciting to listen to.

Character Voice Actor
The Doctor RobertCarlyle
Companion JemmaRedgrave
Villain TomHiddleston

Robert Carlyle plays the Doctor. He’s amazing in many roles. Jemma Redgrave is the companion, and she brings a lot of heart to her role. Tom Hiddleston makes the villain both dark and interesting.

These amazing people work together on this audio adventure. Thanks to them, “The Darkening Eye” is a great listen.

Critical Reception and Fan Feedback

“The Darkening Eye” from The Companion Chronicles series has gotten a lot of notice. Critics and fans have shared many thoughts on the audiobook.

Many fans love the audiobook’s exciting story and how it tells it. They like how it feels so much like Doctor Who. The characters grow in interesting ways, and the actors do a great job.

“The Darkening Eye takes listeners on a wild journey through time and space, staying true to the spirit of Doctor Who. The intricate plot and engaging dialogue make it a must-listen for any fan of the series.” – DoctorWhoFanatic82

Some critics, though, think the audiobook could be better. They say some story parts are not new. The story has slow spots and parts that don’t fit well together, they add.

Still, “The Darkening Eye” has really grabbed Doctor Who fans. They talk a lot online about what the story means for the Doctor Who world.

Fans like diving into the Whoniverse in a new way with audiobooks. They get to know and love the characters in a special way.

All in all, “The Darkening Eye” has made Doctor Who fans very excited. It keeps the fandom’s passion and creativity going strong.

Doctor Who and his companion

Fan Feedback

Fans really love “The Darkening Eye”. They’re telling people how great it is on social media and online groups. Here’s what some fans are saying:

  • “Just finished listening to ‘The Darkening Eye,’ and WOW! The storytelling is top-notch, and the voice acting brings the characters to life in a way that leaves me craving for more adventures!” – WhovianAdventurer
  • “The Companion Chronicles series never ceases to amaze me with its ability to transport me to the heart of the Doctor Who universe. ‘The Darkening Eye’ is no exception – truly a masterpiece!” – TimeAndRelativeFandom
  • “I loved the twists and turns in ‘The Darkening Eye.’ It kept me on the edge of my seat throughout, and the ending left me hungry for more mysteries!” – TARDISTraveler

Clearly, “The Darkening Eye” is a hit with Doctor Who fans. It’s a new gem in the Whoniverse.

Exploring the Whoniverse

Fans of Doctor Who love diving into “The Darkening Eye.” This story is part of The Companion Chronicles series. It weaves connections and references, making the Whoniverse richer.

The Doctor Who Multiverse

The Whoniverse includes TV shows, spin-offs, books, comics, and audiobooks. Each story adds to the Doctor’s legend. “The Darkening Eye” fits right into this big universe. It uses well-known stories to grow the Whoniverse.

Interdimensional Encounters

In “The Darkening Eye,” fans meet old friends. They will find nods to past Doctor Who moments. These special touches make the story more fun for longtime fans.

“The Darkening Eye takes full advantage of the intricate web of Doctor Who, embracing the Whoniverse and adding new layers to the lore. It’s a treat for fans who relish in the connections and references that make this universe so special.” – Doctor Who Enthusiast Magazine

The Ripple Effect

“The Darkening Eye” links to other Doctor Who tales. It hints at new stories and connections. These could appear in future episodes or spin-offs. This adds more depth to the Doctor Who universe.

Discover the Hidden Gems

Listening to “The Darkening Eye” reveals hidden treasures. There are lots of clever nods to the bigger Whoniverse. These make the story more exciting and rewarding for fans.

Whoniverse Connections in “The Darkening Eye”

Connection Description
The Doctor The central character and protagonist of the Doctor Who series
Companion The Doctor’s loyal companion who embarks on adventures
Time Lords An ancient and powerful alien race that the Doctor belongs to
TARDIS The Doctor’s time and space-traveling ship, disguised as a British police box
Gallifrey The Doctor’s home planet and the seat of the Time Lords
Daleks The Doctor’s oldest and most iconic adversaries

Dive into “The Darkening Eye” for a fun adventure. It’s great for fans wanting to connect more with Doctor Who’s world. This audiobook is a must for those who love the Whoniverse’s stories and myths.

Recommended Listening Order

Want to dive into Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles audiobooks? It helps to know the best order to listen. Each story is great alone. But following the sequence makes you get more from the characters and stories.

Below is a recommended order for The Companion Chronicles:

  1. “Here There Be Monsters”
  2. “The Great Space Elevator”
  3. “The Mahogany Murderers”
  4. “The Stealers from Saiph”
  5. “The Anachronauts”
  6. “The Rocket Men”
  7. “The Night Whispers”
  8. “Solitaire”
  9. “Resistance”
  10. “The Alchemists”
  11. “The Drowned World”
  12. “The Glorious Revolution”
  13. “The Prisoner’s Dilemma”
  14. “The Pyralis Effect”
  15. “Home Truths”
  16. “The Blue Tooth”
  17. “The Beautiful People”
  18. “The Catalyst”
  19. “Empathy Games”
  20. “The Time Museum”
  21. “Echoes of Grey”
  22. “Find and Replace”
  23. “The Invasion of E-Space”
  24. “A Town Called Fortune”
  25. “Quinnis”
  26. “Uncle Mort’s North Country”
  27. “The Wanderer”
  28. “The Jigsaw War”
  29. “The Rings of Ikiria”
  30. “The Selachian Gambit”
  31. “Binary”
  32. “The Wanderer’s Tale”
  33. “The Guardian of the Solar System”
  34. “The Anachronauts”
  35. “The Time Tunnel”
  36. “The Scorchies”
  37. “Second Chances”
  38. “The Emperor of Eternity”
  39. “The Last Post”
  40. “Return of the Rocket Men”
  41. “Herald of the Dawn”
  42. “The Library of Alexandria”
  43. “The War to End All Wars”
  44. “The Flames of Cadiz”
  45. “House of Cards”
  46. “The Prisoner of Peladon”
  47. “Project: Nirvana”
  48. “Forever Fallen”
  49. “The First Wave”
  50. “The Second Doctor Box Set”

Follow this list to get the most out of the Doctor Who audiobooks. You’ll see how the stories connect and how the characters grow.


“Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: The Darkening Eye,” offers fans a thrilling journey. This audiobook adventure captures the essence of the Doctor Who series.

Talented voice actors bring the story to life. They transport listeners to new worlds.

Each turn in the plot is captivating. There are challenges the Doctor and his companion face.

“The Darkening Eye” is a great addition to the Doctor Who universe. It connects to other Doctor Who stories.

This book is great for all Doctor Who fans, old and new. It has received critical acclaim and positive fan feedback.