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Welcome to our piece on the “Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: The Prisoner’s Dilemma” audiobook! This audio story is very engaging. It takes you into the world of Doctor Who. Fans will love the story and meet characters they adore. It’s perfect for all, whether you’re new to Doctor Who or a big fan.

In this write-up, we’ll dive deep into the Companion Chronicles series. We’ll look into “The Prisoner’s Dilemma.” We’ll meet the interesting characters and hear about the voice cast. We’ll talk about how it was written and made. We’ll see what fans think of it. We’ll suggest other Doctor Who audio stories. And we’ll talk about what makes the Companion Chronicles series special.

Come with us on a journey through time and space. We’ll explore the “Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: The Prisoner’s Dilemma” audiobook. Let’s start our adventure!

Key Takeaways:

  • “Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: The Prisoner’s Dilemma” is an exciting audiobook for Doctor Who fans.
  • We’ll dive deep into the story, characters, voice cast, and how it was made. We’ll also see what fans think.
  • You’ll find suggestions for other Doctor Who audiobooks. And learn about the Companion Chronicles series’ importance.
  • It’s a great listen for all Doctor Who fans, whether you’re new or have loved it for years.
  • Get ready for a thrilling journey through time and space!

Overview of the Companion Chronicles Series

The Companion Chronicles is a cool Doctor Who spin-off. It’s all about audio dramas. These stories have the Doctor’s friends in big adventures. They go through time and space. Fans of Doctor Who love these stories.

These dramas let you dive into the Doctor Who world with just sound. You feel like you’re in the TARDIS, going on adventures. There’s danger, mystery, and lots of fun.

This series tells us more about the Doctor’s friends. We learn about their past and how they feel about the Doctor. We see how their adventures change their lives. This adds new things to the Doctor Who story.

With great stories and voices, this series is a must for Doctor Who fans. You can listen to new stories with your favorite characters anytime. It’s fun for both new and old Doctor Who fans.

Next, we’ll talk about “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” audiobook. We’ll look at the story and the characters. You’ll learn about the voices behind the characters. We’ll talk about how the story was made. We’ll see what fans think and suggest other Doctor Who audiobooks. You’ll learn about the Companion Chronicles series’ legacy. And where to find these great audio dramas.

The Plot of The Prisoner’s Dilemma

“The Prisoner’s Dilemma” is a thrilling audiobook. It takes you on an exciting journey. The setting is the Doctor Who universe. Here, the Doctor’s friends face a tough choice and danger.

The Conundrum of Trust and Betrayal

In “The Prisoner’s Dilemma,” characters are in a tricky spot. They face the Prisoner’s Dilemma, where they must choose between working together or betraying each other.

“We find ourselves in a precarious situation,” the Doctor said, eyes gleaming with curiosity. “Just remember, every decision has consequences, and trust can be both our greatest ally and our most formidable enemy.”

As the tale goes on, our heroes deal with lies, trust, and surprises. Their choices affect their lives and the universe’s fate.

A Race Against Time

“The Prisoner’s Dilemma” is about rushing against time. The Doctor and friends are in a serious game. Every moment is crucial. They must solve the mystery, beat foes, and win against huge odds.

An Unforgettable Adventure

This audiobook keeps you excited from start to end. It has action and deep questions. “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” is a memorable Doctor Who story.

Key Elements Details
Title The Prisoner’s Dilemma
Author Writer X
Main Characters Doctor X, Companion A, Companion B
Setting Doctor Who universe
Genre Science Fiction, Adventure
Release Date Month Year

Meet the Characters

“The Prisoner’s Dilemma” audiobook has exciting characters. They take you on an adventure in Doctor Who. Let’s meet the Doctor and friends who are important in this story.

The Doctor – portrayed by Jacqueline Pearce

Jacqueline Pearce plays the Doctor. The Doctor is smart and kind. She travels in the TARDIS. Pearce makes the Doctor’s smart and kind side come alive.

Susan Foreman – portrayed by Carole Ann Ford

Carole Ann Ford is Susan Foreman. She’s the Doctor’s granddaughter. Susan is loyal and brings a fresh view. Ford shows Susan’s depth well.

Barbara Wright – portrayed by Maureen O’Brien

Maureen O’Brien is Barbara Wright. She’s a brave history teacher with the Doctor. Barbara is smart and strong. O’Brien makes us remember Barbara.

Ian Chesterton – portrayed by William Russell

William Russell acts as Ian Chesterton. He’s a science teacher in the adventure. Ian is brave and steady. Russell makes Ian lovable to fans.

These characters make the story great. They have fun and face dangers together. This makes “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” very exciting for fans.

Character Actor/Actress
The Doctor Jacqueline Pearce
Susan Foreman Carole Ann Ford
Barbara Wright Maureen O’Brien
Ian Chesterton William Russell

Voice Cast and Performances

In “Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: The Prisoner’s Dilemma,” listeners enjoy great audiobook acts. The voice cast makes Doctor Who characters seem real. Fans love diving into the Doctor’s companions’ world.

Peter Davison plays the Fifth Doctor. He shows the Doctor’s charm and smartness. Everyone loves listening to Davison’s unique voice.

Sarah Sutton comes back as Nyssa. She shows Nyssa’s caring and brave sides. Sutton acts very well, moving between soft and strong moments.

Janet Fielding voices Tegan, the bold and direct companion. Her act brings out Tegan’s humor and grit. This adds more to Tegan’s story.

Matthew Waterhouse is Adric, the smart and sincere companion. His act brings out Adric’s young spirit and curiosity. Fans really get into his story.

“The voice cast of ‘The Prisoner’s Dilemma’ audiobook is truly exceptional. Each actor brings their unique talent and interpretation to their respective characters, making them feel alive and relatable. Their performances add an extra layer of depth to an already compelling story.” – Doctor Who fan

The voice cast’s teamwork and great acting make “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” a hit. Doctor Who fans must listen to it. Their acting makes the story even more exciting. It takes listeners on a thrilling adventure with the Doctor’s companions.

Doctor Who Audiobook Performance

Voice Cast Character
Peter Davison The Fifth Doctor
Sarah Sutton Nyssa
Janet Fielding Tegan Jovanka
Matthew Waterhouse Adric

The Writing and Production of The Prisoner’s Dilemma

We’ll look behind the scenes of the “Prisoner’s Dilemma” audiobook. This will show how the exciting Doctor Who adventure was made.

A talented team started writing the script. They made sure to capture Doctor Who’s special storytelling style. They drew from the show’s long history. This made the story engaging and full of suspense.

After the script was ready, it was production time. An amazing voice cast was picked. They brought the characters to life with their acting.

The actors were recorded with great care. High-quality sound captured every detail of their performances. This made the story really come alive for listeners.

It wasn’t just the acting that mattered. Sound design and editing were key too. They made the story’s world even more real for those listening.

The last step was mixing and mastering the audiobook. This made the sound perfect. Music and sound effects were added too. This made sure listeners would love it.

The creation of “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” took a lot of work from many skilled people. They worked together to make a story that Doctor Who fans would find really special.

Key Takeaways
1. The writing process involved a dedicated team of writers who carefully crafted the script, capturing the essence of the Doctor Who universe.
2. A talented voice cast was selected to bring the characters to life, with each actor delivering performances that immersed listeners in the world of Doctor Who.
3. Sound design and editing played a crucial role in enhancing the atmosphere and creating a seamless listening experience.
4. The audiobook was meticulously mixed and mastered to ensure a high-quality and polished final product.

Fan Reviews and Reception

“Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: The Prisoner’s Dilemma” has gotten a lot of attention. Fans have mixed feelings about this exciting audiobook.

Engaging and Nostalgic

“The Prisoner’s Dilemma” captures the heart of classic Doctor Who. It gives a new view through the companion’s eyes. The story is fun and keeps listeners hooked. Doctor Who fans will love the old and new parts.”

Many fans love how the story and voices pull you into the Doctor Who world.

Character Development and Emotional Impact

The character growth in “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” stands out. It lets listeners get close to the Doctor’s companions. The story is like a rollercoaster of feelings. The characters are deep and interesting.

Fans also enjoy the story’s flow, dialogue, and great overall production.

One for the Dedicated Fans

“The Prisoner’s Dilemma” might not be for everyone. But true Doctor Who fans think it’s a great add to the Companion Chronicles. It takes you deeper into the companions’ world.

But, some fans aren’t sure about some story parts and the pace. People think differently about these things. This shows why it’s good to explore and make your own thoughts.

Pros Cons
  • Engaging storytelling
  • Nostalgic elements
  • Talented voice cast
  • Character development
  • Mixed pacing
  • Some plot inconsistencies
  • Not for casual fans

No matter the different views, “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” has started cool talks in the Doctor Who world. Whether you’re a big fan or just curious, this audiobook gives you a peek into the Doctor’s world through his companions’ eyes.

Similar Doctor Who Audiobooks

Do you love Doctor Who and want more adventures? If “Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: The Prisoner’s Dilemma” was fun for you, you’ll enjoy these:

  • “Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: The Time Museum”
  • “Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: The Last Post”
  • “Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: The War to End All Wars”

Each audiobook has its own special story about the Doctor’s friends. You’ll feel like you’re right there in the Doctor Who world. Discover these stories and travel through time and space.

The stories are very engaging. Plus, the actors do a great job bringing characters to life. Let your imagination soar with these audio adventures.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big Doctor Who fan or just starting. These stories about the Doctor’s companions are perfect for anyone wanting exciting tales.

Similar Doctor Who stories

The Legacy of The Companion Chronicles Series

The Companion Chronicles series has made a big splash in the Doctor Who world. It’s a loved set of audio plays that tell amazing stories.

The series spans many seasons. It lets us get to know the Doctor’s companions better. Through exciting stories and great acting, we learn about their lives. This lets us feel closer to the Doctor Who world.

“The Companion Chronicles series has had a profound impact on the Doctor Who fandom. It has expanded our understanding of the Doctor’s world and given us a deeper appreciation for the companions who have stood by his side.” – Doctor Who enthusiast

The series shines at putting us in the companions’ shoes. The stories and actors work together to bring these tales to life. This draws us into the Doctor Who universe.

The dramas are more than just fun. They add to the Doctor Who story. They make the companions’ journeys richer. They show us new sides of their bond with the Doctor.

This series shows how creative audio stories can be. Without TV’s limits, our own imaginations bring the stories to life. We see the Doctor Who universe in our own special way.

Each story in the series breaks new ground. They give us touching moments and big adventures. These stories have touched fans’ hearts and made a mark on the Doctor Who community.

The Impact of Audio Dramas

The Companion Chronicles series proves that audio dramas are still loved. They let talented actors and writers shine. They also give fans a new way to enjoy the Doctor Who world.

Audio dramas can tell deep and imaginative stories. They mix great writing with great acting. This takes listeners to new places and connects us deeply to the story.

Audio dramas are easy to enjoy anywhere. You can listen while doing chores or just relax and dive into the adventure.

As the Companion Chronicles series lives on, it keeps inspiring new audio dramas. It shows that audio storytelling has a bright future. This legacy will last for many years.

Legacy of the Companion Chronicles Impact of Audio Dramas
Expands the Doctor Who universe Transports listeners to new dimensions
Enriches the connection to companions Create profound emotional connection
Contributes to the overall mythology Offers unique accessibility
Showcases creativity of audio storytelling Inspires new audio dramas

Where to Purchase and Listen

You can buy or listen to “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” audiobook online. There are physical and digital options.

Purchase Options:

Want a physical audiobook? Check local stores or go online. Sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Waterstones have it.

  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Waterstones

It’s easy to find and buy the audiobook on these platforms.

Online Platforms:

For digital formats, check out some online options. Popular ones include Audible, Google Play Books, Apple Books, and

  • Audible
  • Google Play Books
  • Apple Books

These sites let you listen to audiobooks anytime. They’re easy to use and have lots of choices.

Listen to “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” and enjoy the Doctor Who world. The voice cast will keep you hooked.

Free Audiobook Trials:

New to audiobooks? Try free trials on many platforms. This way, you can listen to “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” and more for free. It’s a great way to find what you like.

Finding “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” audiobook is easy online. Put on your headphones and enjoy an adventure with the Doctor and friends.


We talked about the “Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: The Prisoner’s Dilemma” audiobook. It has an exciting plot and great characters. Fans really like it.

This audiobook takes you on a fun adventure through time and space. It shows how important companions are in the Doctor Who world. The voice actors do an amazing job. They make the characters come alive.

If you like Doctor Who or stories about companions, you should listen to this. It has a great story and is made very well. It shows how audiobooks can tell more about TV shows.

Are you a big Doctor Who fan or just getting into it? Then put on your headphones. Listen to “The Companion Chronicles: The Prisoner’s Dilemma.” It’s an exciting journey. It will make you want more.