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Discover the exciting world of Doctor Who with the audiobook. It’s called “Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: Bernice Summerfield and The Criminal Code.” This story takes you on an amazing trip through time and space. You will see the Doctor Who universe in a new light.

Meet Bernice Summerfield in this audiobook. She is a key character in Doctor Who. Follow her as she goes on a bold mission. She faces tough challenges and solves a strange criminal code. This code could change time itself.

Enjoy great storytelling and excellent voices in this audiobook. “Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: Bernice Summerfield and The Criminal Code” is perfect for fans. If you love Doctor Who or awesome audiobooks, you should listen to it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Feel the thrill of the Doctor Who world in this audiobook.
  • Learn about Bernice Summerfield and her part in Doctor Who.
  • See how the Companion Chronicles audio series grows the Doctor Who universe.
  • Find out the secrets of “The Criminal Code.”
  • See what fans think about this cool audiobook.

Overview of the Bernice Summerfield Character

Bernice Summerfield is a loved figure in the Doctor Who world. She’s smart, strong, and loves adventures. She first showed up in the 1990s in the Virgin New Adventures novels. People quickly started to really like her. Bernice, or Benny, now plays a big part in Doctor Who’s bigger story. She’s in audio plays, comics, and books.

Bernice is special in Doctor Who. She’s an archaeologist from the future. She loves exploring the past and future. Bernice meets the Doctor but also has her own adventures. She’s clever, fast-thinking, and doesn’t fear being different.

What makes Bernice special is how she stands on her own. She’s not just known because of the Doctor. Bernice has her own stories and reasons for doing things. Her time with the Doctor shows how both change over time. They see many things together across time and space.

Many fans love Bernice. They like her smart mind, courage, and willpower. She makes the Doctor Who series richer. She shows that women in the Whoniverse are strong and independent.

Bernice Summerfield: Key Attributes

  • Intelligent and inquisitive archaeologist
  • Independent and resourceful
  • Brave and unafraid to challenge authority
  • Complex relationship with the Doctor
  • Prominent figure in the expanded Doctor Who universe

Bernice Summerfield in Other Media

Bernice Summerfield appears in different Doctor Who media. This lets her character and story grow. Notable appearances include:

  1. Audio dramas: Bernice is the star in plays by Big Finish Productions. Fans learn more about her adventures and friends.
  2. Novels and short stories: Bernice is the main character in many stories. These stories talk more about her work in archaeology and her part in Doctor Who.
  3. Comics: Bernice shows up in Doctor Who comics. She joins the Doctor and friends on exciting trips through time and space.

Introduction to the Companion Chronicles Audio Series

The Companion Chronicles audio series is a must-have for Doctor Who fans. It gives a new view on the Doctor’s adventures. Big Finish Productions created it. It tells stories about the Doctor’s companions we haven’t heard before.

In this series, the tales are told as audio dramas. This lets listeners picture the story in their mind. The stories are from the companions’ views. They have amazing sound design too.

Each story is about a different companion. It covers many, from Sarah Jane Smith to Clara Oswald. We see parts of their lives we didn’t know before.

Actors who played the companions on TV come back to voice them here. This makes the stories feel real and connects them to the TV show.

This series lets fans enjoy Doctor Who in a new way. The audio stories bring new adventures. They’re great for all fans, old and new.

Explore the Companion Chronicles Audio Series:

  • Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles – The First Doctor Volume 1
  • Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles – The Second Doctor Volume 1
  • Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles – The Third Doctor Volume 1

Find amazing stories in the Companion Chronicles. Discover new things about Doctor Who.

The Criminal Code: Plot Summary

In “Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: Bernice Summerfield and The Criminal Code,” we go on a cool trip. It’s about Bernice Summerfield’s daring adventure with the Criminal Code.

Bernice looks into crimes that seem not to connect. She finds a hidden group called the Criminal Code. They plan bad things.

“The Criminal Code” is super exciting to listen to. It has action, mystery, and space travel. It’s a fun ride through time and space.

Bernice learns of a big danger. It could change time itself. She needs to be smart and brave to beat the bad guys.

The story is full of surprises. Bernice meets people from Doctor Who. It’s a treat for fans.

Criminal Code

If you love Doctor Who or just found it, you’ll like this audiobook. It’s really fun and will make you want more.

The Setting of “The Criminal Code”

In “The Criminal Code,” the setting is very important. It’s set in the future, in a dystopian society with strict laws. This world has dark, big cities. There are tall buildings and not much light.

The time of this story isn’t clear. This makes the story feel timeless. It connects with people no matter when they listen.

Different places are described in the story. There are busy streets and secret spots. Each place is described well. They help make the story feel real and exciting.

Time Period

The story’s time isn’t specified on purpose. This lets people really get into the story. It feels relevant to everyone, no matter their age.


The story feels dark and tense. The details make it feel real and scary. The story’s setting makes it exciting.

The Companion Chronicles Format

In the world of Doctor Who, the Companion Chronicles series is special. It uses first-person narration in stories like “Bernice Summerfield and The Criminal Code.” This lets listeners see the Doctor Who universe through the companions’ eyes.

“The Companion Chronicles series gives the companions a voice. It makes their stories deep and interesting. This adds to the Doctor Who world in new ways.”

This series focuses on the companions instead of the Doctor. It shares their unique stories, like Bernice Summerfield’s.

Through first-person narrative, listeners feel close to the companions. They learn about their thoughts, feelings, and growth during their travels.

The companions’ stories in the Companion Chronicles are lively and engaging. Their accounts show how they relate to the Doctor and face challenges. This adds authenticity to the stories.

This format also highlights the companions’ development. It shows their courage, trials, and the impact of their journeys. Their stories are important and valued by fans.

The Companion Chronicles format is a treasured part of Doctor Who. It offers a special listening experience. Through first-person stories, these audiobooks add new life to the Doctor Who saga.

Key Features of the Companion Chronicles Format Benefits
First-person narration Enables listeners to connect with the companions on a deeper level
Focus on character development Explores the growth, resilience, and internal struggles of the companions
Unique perspective Offers a fresh and intimate exploration of the Doctor Who universe
Authenticity and depth Showcases the companions’ voices and experiences

The Voice Cast and Performances

The story of “Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: Bernice Summerfield and The Criminal Code” is great because of its voice cast. Each actor makes the characters come alive. This makes the audiobook fun and interesting to listen to.

The voice cast includes:

  • 1. Lisa Bowerman as Bernice Summerfield
  • 2. Stephen Fewell as Jason Kane
  • 3. Lizzie Hopley as Klarner
  • 4. John Dorney as Congressen

Lisa Bowerman plays Bernice Summerfield wonderfully. She shows us Bernice’s smart, strong, and funny sides. Fans really enjoy her work.

Stephen Fewell does a great job as Jason Kane, Bernice’s husband. Their story feels real and touching because of him.

Lizzie Hopley is scary and amazing as Klarner, the villain. Her voice makes Klarner seem truly bad and scary.

John Dorney plays Congressen very well. He makes the character’s complex feelings very clear.

“The actors in ‘Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: Bernice Summerfield and The Criminal Code’ are amazing. They make their characters feel real. This helps listeners really get into the story.”

The actors’ hard work makes “Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: Bernice Summerfield and The Criminal Code” better. Their acting pays off by making the story more enjoyable for Doctor Who fans.

Themes Explored in “The Criminal Code”

“The Criminal Code” digs into deep themes. This makes the Doctor Who story special. It’s not just fun. It makes us think deeply.

The Complexity of Morality

The story shows how hard it is to know right from wrong. It looks at what drives us. It questions if we are good or bad.

It makes us think about our choices. And how tough it can be to decide what’s right.

The Pursuit of Justice

Justice is a big deal in “The Criminal Code”. It looks at laws and what’s fair. It shows how hard it can be to follow the law.

It makes us think about fairness. And what happens because of what we do.

The Power of Redemption

Redemption is key in this story. It tells us we can change. Even if we’ve made mistakes.

It’s about getting another chance. It gives hope that we can do better.

The story is full of great moments that make us think. “The Criminal Code” is more than an adventure. It shares important ideas that touch everyone.

Fan Reactions and Reviews

“Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: Bernice Summerfield and The Criminal Code” has been a big hit. Fans and critics have shared their thoughts on it:

“A thrilling return to the Doctor Who universe, ‘The Criminal Code’ delivers a captivating story that keeps fans on the edge of their seats. Bernice Summerfield’s wit and the engrossing plot keeps listeners hooked.”

– The Whovian Gazette

“The Companion Chronicles series shines with ‘The Criminal Code’. It shows the strong and complex character of Bernice Summerfield. A must-listen for Doctor Who fans.”

– Time and Space Reviews

Fans have shared their excitement on social media too:

  • @[username123]: Just finished ‘The Criminal Code,’ and I’m blown away! The story was captivating, and the voice acting was top-notch. #DoctorWho #CompanionChronicles
  • @[WhovianFan22]: I loved how ‘The Criminal Code’ showed Bernice’s complexity. It also delved into the Doctor Who universe’s darker aspects. #CompanionChronicles #BerniceSummerfield
  • @[SciFiGeek]: ‘The Criminal Code’s writing was brilliant! The Companion Chronicles series keeps expanding the Doctor Who universe. #DoctorWho #CompanionChronicles

This story has been engaging. It dives into the Doctor Who universe in a captivating way.

Bernice Summerfield’s Impact on the Doctor Who Universe

Bernice Summerfield, a beloved character in the Doctor Who universe, has left a lasting impact on the franchise. Introduced in the Virgin New Adventures novel series in the 1990s, Bernice quickly became a fan favorite. She went on to appear in various forms of Doctor Who media.

One of the notable contributions of Bernice Summerfield is her role as a strong, independent female character. This was at a time when such representation was scarce. Her intelligence, bravery, and wit served as an inspiration to many. She broke stereotypes and paved the way for more diverse characters in Doctor Who.

“I think it’s important that we see strong, capable women in Doctor Who. Bernice Summerfield is a great example of that. She’s a role model for girls and young women who love this show.” – Doctor Who fan

In terms of story impact, Bernice Summerfield’s presence has influenced future storylines. Her interactions with the Doctor and others have deepened the narrative. This added layers of complexity and emotional depth.

Bernice’s archaeological expertise and her knack for unraveling mysteries have often played crucial roles. She became an indispensable member of the Doctor’s team. Her unique perspective and skills have led to the discovery of ancient secrets and the resolution of intricacies.

Bernice Summerfield Impact

Furthermore, Bernice Summerfield’s impact extends beyond the core Doctor Who series. She has had her own spin-off adventures in novels, audio dramas, and comics. This allowed her character to flourish and attract a dedicated following of fans.

Overall, Bernice Summerfield’s enduring legacy can be seen in the Doctor Who universe. Her character has become an integral part of the franchise. She inspires future generations of viewers, writers, and creators.

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“Doctor Who’s world is vast and amazing. These audiobooks bring that world to life in a new way. Whether you’re a big fan or new, these tales will take you on exciting journeys to different worlds. And you’ll love every moment.” – Jonathan Douglas, Doctor Who fan

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Make your Doctor Who audio collection bigger. Each story is full of action, cool characters, and the Doctor Who magic.

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We talked about “Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: Bernice Summerfield and The Criminal Code.” It relates to the famous Doctor Who series.

We looked at Bernice Summerfield and her big part in the story. Then we talked about what makes the Companion Chronicles audio series special.

We shared the story of “The Criminal Code” and what sets it apart. We also looked at what fans think and how Bernice impacts the Doctor Who world.

In the end, this audiobook shows how great Doctor Who stories can be. We love getting lost in these exciting stories and learning more about the Doctor Who universe.