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Welcome to the exciting world of Doctor Who! This thrilling audio adventure, “Prisoner of the Sun,” takes you on a journey. You will travel through time and space with the Doctor. Get ready to be pulled in by amazing storytelling in this Doctor Who audiobook.

Step into the iconic Doctor Who universe in “Prisoner of the Sun.” This story is full of action and suspense. As the Doctor takes on big challenges, you will be right there with him. He races to save the day, and you won’t want to miss it.

Big Finish Productions made the Main Range of Doctor Who audio dramas. They tell new stories about the beloved TV series. “Prisoner of the Sun” is one of these exciting tales.

Talented voice actors and great sound design make “Prisoner of the Sun” special. They bring the characters and different worlds to life. This production shows how much creativity goes into every Doctor Who story.

Let’s look into what “Prisoner of the Sun” is all about. We will talk about the plot, characters, and what happens behind the scenes. Plus, see what fans think of it. Doctor Who comes to life in a brand new way here.

Key Takeaways:

  • Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Doctor Who through the “Prisoner of the Sun” audiobook.
  • Explore the iconic Doctor Who universe and experience the captivating storyline.
  • Get to know the unforgettable characters and encounter formidable villains.
  • Discover the talented voice actors and immersive sound design behind the audiobook production.
  • Learn about the reception and reviews of “Prisoner of the Sun” among Doctor Who fans.

Introduction to Doctor Who

Get ready for an amazing trip with Doctor Who, the cool British sci-fi TV show. It’s known for fun adventures and great stories. With science fiction, time travel, and awesome characters, this show is really loved by many.

Doctor Who started in 1963 and is the longest sci-fi TV series ever. The Doctor, from Gallifrey, travels in time and space in the TARDIS, a machine like a British police box.

The Doctor has been many different actors. They take us on wild missions to help people, solve mysteries, and fight enemies. This show is loved all over the world for its big imagination and storytelling.

One cool thing about Doctor Who is how they travel in time. The Doctor and friends go to any time and place. They see the past, the future, and alien worlds. This makes every episode new and fun.

Doctor Who is also known for how the Doctor changes. When they’re really hurt, they can become someone new. This keeps the show exciting and brings in new fans. Yet it still keeps what everyone loves about it.

If you just found Doctor Who or have always liked it, there’s something for you. Come with us as we dive into this show. We’ll look at its great episodes, characters, and what makes it so special.

Exploring the Main Range

Dive into Doctor Who’s world with the Main Range. It’s full of exciting audio dramas from Big Finish Productions. These stories let fans go on more adventures with the Doctor.

In the Main Range, you find lots of different stories. Each one is only for your ears. You will hear bold adventures and smart tales. They bring you deeper into Doctor Who’s world.

Big Finish Productions makes these dramas. They’re known for their top-notch audio plays. The Main Range features amazing actors, sound folks, and writers. They work together to make Doctor Who come alive with sound.

Are you new or a big fan of the series? The Main Range has something for everyone. There are classic battles and brand-new journeys. These audio dramas are fun and exciting.

Just relax, wear your headphones, and let the Main Range take you away. You’ll travel through time and space with the Doctor. It’s an adventure you won’t forget.

Overview of “Prisoner of the Sun”

Dive into the thrilling Doctor Who story, “Prisoner of the Sun.” It’s an adventure through time and space. The Doctor is locked up far in the future. A dying sun threatens a whole civilization.

The Doctor finds mysteries and dangers as he looks around. He tries to solve puzzles about who captured him. He wants to help the dying sun. He uses his brain and skills to face big challenges and dangerous foes.

Prisoner of the Sun

The Epic Quest Begins

The Doctor’s journey starts when he wakes up trapped on an alien ship. He’s far from Earth and doesn’t remember how he got there. He learns that he must save the universe. With new friends, he sets off to find out why the sun is dying and face the evil that captured him.

A Battle Against Time

The Doctor has to be smart and fast to beat his enemies. He learns more about the dying sun as he moves forward. He finds secrets and friends in unexpected places.

An Unforgettable Adventure

“Prisoner of the Sun” is a thrilling Doctor Who audio story. It has exciting plot twists and action. Listen as the Doctor takes on his biggest challenge and tries to save a civilization.

We’ll talk more about “Prisoner of the Sun”, its story, and its amazing characters in the next part.

The Captivating Storyline

Join the world of Doctor Who in “Prisoner of the Sun.” It’s a thrilling audio adventure. You will love the action, suspense, and the Doctor’s charm.

The Doctor is stuck and faces a big problem. A dying sun might destroy the universe. He has to use his brains and courage to save the day.

You will be super excited to see what the Doctor does next. The story takes you to new places and times. It shows that anything can happen.

“Prisoner of the Sun” is full of surprises. You will not want to stop listening. You’ll keep guessing how the Doctor beats the odds.

The story has cool plots and amazing characters. It is perfect for Doctor Who fans. The exciting parts will keep you on the edge of your seat.

This story captures what makes Doctor Who great. Imagine going on an awesome adventure with the Doctor. You will face challenges and dark forces together.

Unforgettable Characters

Step into the fantastic world of Doctor Who. It’s full of memorable heroes and clever foes. “Prisoner of the Sun” introduces us to many different characters. They make the story exciting and deep.

memorable characters

The Doctor’s Companions

  • Jamie McCrimmon – A loyal and brave companion from Earth, Jamie stands by the Doctor’s side, bringing his own unique perspective.
  • Leela – A fierce fighter from a primitive society, Leela’s instincts and warrior skills are invaluable in the Doctor’s quests.
  • Ace – A resourceful and independent teenager, Ace provides a fresh and contemporary take on the companion as she faces challenges head-on.

The companions in “Prisoner of the Sun” show us what adventure means. They connect with us as they travel on their exciting journeys. This is what makes Doctor Who special.

Cunning Villains

Doctor Who stories always have villains, and “Prisoner of the Sun” has some great ones. Meet the evil foes that the Doctor must defeat:

  • The Sun-Possessed – Entities controlled by the dying sun, they pose a significant threat, testing the Doctor’s wits and unraveling his complex plans.
  • Vel Pag a.k.a. The Collector – An enigmatic mastermind who seeks rare and valuable objects across the universe, The Collector is a formidable adversary.
  • The Sentinels – Sentinel guards protect the prison where the Doctor finds himself trapped, presenting formidable obstacles on his path to freedom.

In “Prisoner of the Sun,” the villains truly test our hero. They challenge his cleverness and push him to the limit.

Behind the Scenes with the Audiobook

Explore the world behind the “Prisoner of the Sun” audiobook. Here, great care and artistic skill come together. This makes the Doctor Who adventure exciting and real.

The making of an audiobook is a team effort. It involves voice actors and sound designers. They work together to make an audio world that grabs listeners.

Choosing the right voice actors is key. They bring “Prisoner of the Sun” characters to life. Their performances make listeners feel close to the story. This makes the experience better.

Sound design is also very important. It takes listeners into the Doctor Who world. The sound team picks and mixes sounds and music. This builds a full audio setting. Sounds like the TARDIS whoosh add to the story and suspense.

The voice actors and sound team work well together. They make a fun and deep listening experience for Doctor Who fans and audiobook lovers. The “Prisoner of the Sun” audiobook becomes alive with voice and sound. It’s a special way to enjoy the Doctor Who universe.

See how the “Prisoner of the Sun” audiobook is made. The talent in voice acting and sound design combines. It takes you on an unforgettable journey through time and space.

Reception and Reviews

Find out what people think of “Prisoner of the Sun.” See how Doctor Who fans liked it.

Doctor Who Fan Community Reaction

“Prisoner of the Sun” made Doctor Who fans very excited. They really liked it and said it was fun to listen to. They enjoyed the story and the acting.

A fan, @DWlover89, said on Twitter, “I loved ‘Prisoner of the Sun’! It’s a great Doctor Who story. It kept me excited the whole time! #DoctorWho #AudiobookReview.”

On the Doctor Who subreddit, fans talked a lot about “Prisoner of the Sun.” They shared what they loved and guessed what comes next. User u/TARDISexplorer said, “It grabbed me from the beginning! The story felt so real. I couldn’t stop. You should listen to it!”

Audience Reactions

First-time Doctor Who listeners also loved “Prisoner of the Sun.” It was a good start for them into Doctor Who’s world. They found it fun and thrilling.

Jane Smith left a review saying, “I was new to Doctor Who. ‘Prisoner of the Sun’ was a perfect first story. The story and acting were amazing. Now I am a fan!”

Everyone liked the story and how it was told. It shows Doctor Who still tells great stories, especially in audiobooks.

  1. Both Doctor Who fans and new listeners loved “Prisoner of the Sun’s” story.
  2. The Doctor Who community gave it good reviews.
  3. The voice actors were praised for making the story come alive.
  4. It was a great introduction for new people to Doctor Who.

“Prisoner of the Sun” helped Doctor Who be known for great audiobooks.


“Prisoner of the Sun” is an exciting audio adventure that shows the charm of Doctor Who. The story takes listeners on a trip through time and space. Here, the Doctor must save a dying sun and outsmart sneaky captors.

The tale has memorable characters, including the Doctor’s friends and tough villains. These characters make the story fun and keep you hooked. The skilled voice actors and great sound design make the story come alive in a special way.

This story is packed with suspense, action, and Doctor Who world exploration. It’s a must-listen for fans of the show. Whether you’re a die-hard Whovian or new to Doctor Who, this audiobook is an exciting ride that will leave you wanting more.


Is “Prisoner of the Sun” part of the Doctor Who Main Range?

Yes, it is in the Doctor Who Main Range series.

Who produces the Main Range audio dramas?

Big Finish Productions makes the Main Range audio dramas.

Can I listen to “Prisoner of the Sun” without being familiar with Doctor Who?

You don’t need to know Doctor Who to enjoy it. It’s fun on its own.

How long is the “Prisoner of the Sun” audiobook?

It lasts between one and two hours, depending on the release.

Where can I purchase the “Prisoner of the Sun” audiobook?

You can buy it online. Big Finish and audiobook sites have it.

Are there other Doctor Who audio adventures available?

Yes, there are many Doctor Who stories. Big Finish has Main Range, spin-offs, and more.

Can I listen to the “Prisoner of the Sun” audiobook on my smartphone?

Sure, you can use audiobook apps on most smartphones. Or download the audio to listen.

Are there any discounts or promotions available for the “Prisoner of the Sun” audiobook?

Sometimes there are deals. Check Big Finish or sign up for their news.

Can I return or exchange the “Prisoner of the Sun” audiobook if I’m not satisfied?

Return rules change by store. Look at the retailer’s policy for details.