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Welcome to the enchanting world of Doctor Who. Here, time and space come to life with enthralling stories and memorable characters. Today, we dive into “An Earthly Child.” It’s part of the Main Range series. Released in 2010, it’s an audio drama that takes you on a journey. You’ll meet the Doctor’s granddaughter, Susan, on this adventure.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore the Doctor Who audio drama “An Earthly Child” from the Main Range series.
  • Join the Doctor and his granddaughter Susan on an exciting adventure.
  • Discover the emotional reunion between the Doctor and Susan.
  • Get to know the main characters and their roles in the story.
  • Uncover the themes and messages conveyed in this enthralling audio drama.

Introduction to “An Earthly Child”

Welcome to the amazing world of Doctor Who audio drama! In this section, we’ll dive into “An Earthly Child.” This audio drama is made by Big Finish. Doctor Who fans will love the Doctor’s continued story and meeting a new character. So, get your headphones ready for this fun audio trip.

An Earthly Child belongs to the Doctor Who family. It has made fans happy for years in many ways. Big Finish made it as an audio drama. It has cool sound effects and awesome voice actors. This lets listeners feel like they’re in the story.

“An Earthly Child” is made with great care. It shares more of the Doctor’s adventures. But now, in audio form. This brings Doctor Who’s world alive with just sound. Fans will like the story and seeing the Doctor and Susan, his granddaughter, in new ways.

“An Earthly Child” is all about mystery, fun, and feelings. It gives a new way to see the Doctor Who universe. So, get comfy. Let the TARDIS take you to amazing places and adventures. Enjoy this great audio drama from Big Finish.

Plot Summary of “An Earthly Child”

Join an action-filled trip with the Doctor Who audio drama “An Earthly Child.” In this story, the Doctor and his granddaughter Susan go on an exciting quest.

The tale starts as the Doctor, played by Sylvester McCoy, arrives on Earth in 2010. He meets Susan, who has been on Earth as a mom named Alex.

When Susan shows who she really is to the Doctor, they see a mysterious force at work. An alien known as the Light controls Susan’s son, Alex, to do its bidding.

The Doctor, Susan, and friends try to stop the Light’s chaos. They meet other Doctor Who characters, like the Time Lords and a woman named Amy Pearce.

A thrilling blend of suspense and emotion

  • Find out secrets of the Light and its link to the Doctor and Susan.
  • See heart-racing moments as the Doctor and Susan make tough choices.
  • Watch good and evil battle, with Earth’s future at stake.

This audio drama mixes mystery, science fiction, and drama. It’s great for Doctor Who fans. “An Earthly Child” has amazing acting that pulls listeners into a fascinating world.

If you love Doctor Who or are new to it, “An Earthly Child” has a gripping plot. It’s a must-listen that shows what fans adore about the series.

Reunited: The Doctor and Susan

In “An Earthly Child,” Doctor Who fans see the Doctor meet his granddaughter, Susan, again. This reunion is very special for the story and the characters.

Susan was first seen in the 1963 series as the Doctor’s granddaughter. People loved her and her close relationship with the Doctor.

After Susan left the show, fans missed her a lot. “An Earthly Child” makes their wish come true. Susan and the Doctor meet again after a long time. This moment is very touching. It makes old fans happy and introduces new fans to Susan and the Doctor’s strong bond.

The reunion in “An Earthly Child” is very important. It shows how close the Doctor and Susan are. It also makes the story more interesting.

This moment also helps us see how Susan has grown. The audio drama shows her change in a very real way. We can feel the emotions because of how the actors perform.

The meeting of the Doctor and Susan in “An Earthly Child” is a highlight. It’s a touching story for both new and old fans. This reunion is a journey of emotion and adventure in the Doctor Who world.

Characters in “An Earthly Child”

In “An Earthly Child,” you’ll meet many different characters. They make the story exciting. Let’s look at the main ones in this audio adventure.

The Doctor

Sylvester McCoy plays the Doctor. He’s a Time Lord who loves adventures. He travels in the TARDIS. In this story, he finds out secrets about his past. He also sees his granddaughter Susan again.


Susan is played by Carole Ann Ford. She’s the Doctor’s granddaughter. She first appeared in 1963. Susan is very smart and brave. Her story adds a lot of feeling to the adventure.

Supporting Characters

The Doctor and Susan meet many others in “An Earthly Child.” David Campbell is played by Jamie Glover. He’s Susan’s future husband. Alex, played by Daisy Ashford, is mysterious. Everyone adds something special to the story.

Doctor Who audio drama

The characters in “An Earthly Child” make the story great. They face surprises together. This makes the story really exciting and fun to follow.

Themes and Messages in “An Earthly Child”

“An Earthly Child” explores deep themes and sends strong messages. It resonates with Doctor Who fans and new listeners. This audio adventure looks at time, space, and today’s social issues.

The story talks about family and the bonds across time and space. It focuses on the Doctor and his granddaughter Susan. Their reunion highlights family strength and love, even in hard times.

It also explores identity and belonging. The Doctor and Susan meet new beings and ponder their place in the universe. This brings up questions of who they are and acceptance.

The story looks at the outcomes of choices. The Doctor faces the effects of his decisions. It shows the importance of morality and being responsible.

The audio drama examines social issues by showing different cultures. It spotlights power, prejudice, and the need for empathy. The story encourages us to think about these issues in our world.

“An Earthly Child” is more than just fun. It makes us think about family, identity, and society. Doctor Who keeps offering stories that really make an impression.

Production and Reception of “An Earthly Child”

The production of the Doctor Who audio drama “An Earthly Child” was very detailed. Big Finish worked hard to make sure it was a great experience for listeners. They kept the quality high, just like in the Doctor Who series.

The sound design was special in how it was made. Big Finish created a world full of rich sounds. These sounds made the story come alive in an exciting way.

The actors did a great job too. They brought the Doctor and Susan to life with great skill. Their acting made the story more emotional and interesting.

Doctor Who

The Reception among Doctor Who Fans

Fans loved “An Earthly Child” a lot. It was like a special gift for those who love Doctor Who. It made them happy to see Susan again and to learn more about her and the Doctor.

Fans talked about how well everything was made. They liked the sounds, music, and the captivating story. It reminded them why they love Doctor Who so much.

The reunion of the Doctor and Susan touched many fans’ hearts. They were happy to see their relationship grow. This made the story of “An Earthly Child” even more special.

In the end, “An Earthly Child” was a big hit. It stood out because of its quality, the actors’ great work, and how much fans liked it. It’s a must-listen for Doctor Who fans.

Legacy of “An Earthly Child”

“An Earthly Child” has made a big mark on the Doctor Who world. This exciting audio story has influenced later tales. It keeps fans talking and excited.

Expanding the Doctor Who Audio Drama Universe

The success of “An Earthly Child” has helped grow Doctor Who audio dramas. Thanks to its popularity, more thrilling audio stories have been made. Now, fans can enjoy even more adventures beyond the TV show.

Character Development and Continuity

The story of “An Earthly Child” changed the Doctor and his world a lot. Meeting his granddaughter Susan again was moving. It also let us see more of their bond.

It also let us see Susan in a new light, showing how strong she is. The story’s impact on the Doctor and other tales is big. It’s seen through mentions of this touching reunion.

Fan Engagement and Discourse

The story has started many talks among fans. Its deep themes have led to many fan theories. The love for this audio drama is seen in ongoing talks and fan groups.

Fans have learned more about the Doctor and his long history. It shows how much people love Doctor Who and its stories across all forms.

In all, “An Earthly Child” has greatly influenced the Doctor Who world. It’s known for growing the audio drama side, character growth, and fan talks. Its effect is still strong, making it a cherished story.


This article talked about “An Earthly Child”, a Doctor Who audio drama. It was released in 2010. It tells an exciting story where the Doctor meets his granddaughter Susan again.

We started with an introduction to this drama made by Big Finish. Then we went over the main parts of the story. The Doctor meeting Susan again is a big, emotional part of the story.

We learned about the characters and the story’s deeper meanings. We also looked at how the drama was made. Then we talked about what Doctor Who fans think of it. We also discussed how “An Earthly Child” influenced other stories and talks among fans.

We gave a full summary of the important points in each section. Now, you understand “An Earthly Child” and its place in the Doctor Who world. This audio drama is a must for fans and newcomers wanting more Doctor Who.


What is “An Earthly Child”?

“An Earthly Child” is an audiobook from the Doctor Who series. It came out in 2010. It’s about the Doctor meeting his granddaughter Susan again.

Who produced “An Earthly Child”?

Big Finish made “An Earthly Child.” They are famous for their Doctor Who audio stories.

What is the plot of “An Earthly Child”?

The story is about the Doctor seeing Susan, his granddaughter, once more. They go on a fun adventure. It has many surprises.

Why is the reunion between the Doctor and Susan significant?

Their reunion is special because it shows their close bond. It explores how they care for each other.

Who are the main characters in “An Earthly Child”?

The story focuses on the Doctor, Susan, and others. Everyone adds to the exciting tale.

What are the themes and messages in “An Earthly Child”?

It talks about family, adventure, and time passing. Love, saying sorry, and facing new things are key messages.

How was “An Earthly Child” received by fans?

Doctor Who fans really liked it. They praised its story, sound, and voices.

What is the legacy of “An Earthly Child”?

This audiobook is an important part of Doctor Who. It has left a mark. Fans often talk about its story and characters.

How does “An Earthly Child” fit into the overall Doctor Who franchise?

It’s a piece of the Doctor Who Main Range. It deepens the Doctor’s story. And makes the universe even richer.