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Welcome to the exciting world of Doctor Who! In 2009, “The Cannibalists” audiobook was released. It is a thrilling part of the Main Range series. Fans can expect a wild journey with the Doctor through time and space.

If you love Doctor Who or are new to it, “The Cannibalists” is a great listen. The Doctor goes on a risky journey. He faces tough challenges and discovers a dark plot.

Key Takeaways:

  • “The Cannibalists” is a thrilling Doctor Who audiobook released in 2009.
  • It is part of the Main Range series, which offers a vast collection of adventures for Doctor Who fans.
  • The audiobook promises unexpected twists, intense suspense, and nail-biting moments.
  • Follow the Doctor as he undertakes a dangerous mission with high stakes.
  • Get ready to meet intriguing characters and explore unique settings in this gripping narrative.

Overview of “The Cannibalists”

We will talk about the Doctor Who audiobook called “The Cannibalists.” It is set in a scary Doctor Who world. This story is exciting and full of surprises.

Get ready for a fun trip with the Doctor and friends. They will face many dangers and discover secrets. “The Cannibalists” is a thrilling story for fans.

This audiobook makes Doctor Who’s big world even more interesting. Fans will enjoy new adventures and stories.

Join the Doctor on this dangerous journey. They will meet scary enemies and solve big mysteries. This story has suspense and exciting moments fans love.

If you like Doctor Who or are new to it, you will enjoy “The Cannibalists.” We will talk more about its story, characters, and effects soon.

Plot Summary of “The Cannibalists”

“The Cannibalists” takes Doctor Who fans on a thrilling audiobook adventure. They enter a world filled with suspense and intrigue. This story is both gripping and intense.

The Doctor and friends land in a remote universe area. Here, the Cannibalists terrorize people. These beings consume others’ intelligence, leaving empty shells.

The Doctor works fast to learn the Cannibalists’ secrets. They meet many people, like the smart Dr. Amelia Harper. Her research could beat the Cannibalists.

Their journey is full of danger, tricky friends, and tough choices. The Doctor uses smarts and courage to stop the Cannibalists. They aim to save the universe from these evil foes.

This summary shows the complex story and characters that will grab Doctor Who fans. It’s an exciting story that keeps listeners guessing.

Join the Doctor in “The Cannibalists” to fight these scary creatures. Dive into the amazing story and join an unforgettable mission.

  • Follow the Doctor as they unravel the secrets of the Cannibalists.
  • Discover the formidable challenges they face along the way.
  • Witness the triumphs and sacrifices that shape the storyline.
  • Embrace the electrifying suspense that keeps listeners on the edge of their seats.

The Doctor’s Mission in “The Cannibalists”

The Doctor embarks on a risky journey in “The Cannibalists.” This Doctor Who audiobook is thrilling. It tests his cleverness and skills. The story gets more mysterious, and the universe’s fate is at risk.

In “The Cannibalists,” the Doctor goes to a faraway planet. He wants to find a bad plot threatening peace everywhere. He has friends helping him. They face dangers, smart foes, and dark secrets in a greedy society.

The Doctor’s task is tough. He fights the scary Cannibalists, an old enemy. There are deadly traps, surprises, and hard choices. Many lives depend on him, and he can’t fail.

This audiobook shows the Doctor’s strong will, smarts, and dedication. Doctor Who fans will love the adventure and tough questions. Every moment is full of suspense and excitement in “The Cannibalists.”

Get ready for an adventure with the Doctor. This journey has excitement, mysteries, and big surprises. As the Doctor tries to save the universe, you’ll get lost in the great storytelling and characters of Doctor Who.

The Cannibalists Audiobook

Keep reading to learn about the interesting characters in “The Cannibalists.” You’ll also learn about the setting. It makes the suspense and excitement even bigger in this audiobook adventure.

Characters in “The Cannibalists”

“The Cannibalists” shares a story with captivating folk. Doctor Who stands out, as do his foes. Each one adds thrill to their adventure. Now, let’s meet the main ones:

1. The Doctor

David Tennant plays the Doctor, a smart Time Lord. He zips through time and space in his TARDIS. Courageous and kind, he’s always set to protect others.

2. Donna Noble

Catherine Tate brings Donna Noble to life. As the Doctor’s sidekick in “The Cannibalists,” her guts and humor shine. Donna brings warmth and laughs to their journey.

3. The Cannibalists

The Cannibalists are the scary main bad guys. They crave power and love to control. They’re a big danger to the Doctor and his friends.

4. Supporting Characters

  • Professor Morris – A smart scientist who helps solve the “The Cannibalists” puzzles.
  • Janet – She’s smart and helps the Doctor and Donna in their quest.
  • The Malgorax – A strong creature the Doctor meets while exploring.

You’ll meet these and other cool characters in “The Cannibalists.” Each one makes the story rich and fun for Doctor Who fans.

Setting and Atmosphere in “The Cannibalists”

Dive into “The Cannibalists” and experience its rich world. The setting and atmosphere are key to the exciting story. Doctor Who fans will love being taken to a place of suspense and intrigue.

“The Cannibalists” brings you on a special journey. You’ll travel through different times and places. From busy city streets to lonely spots, every setting pulls you further into the tale. You’ll see alien worlds and historic times. The clear images let you see every scene in your mind.

The atmosphere in “The Cannibalists” makes the story even more thrilling. Every detail is made to let you feel as if you’re in the Doctor’s world. You’ll feel what the characters do. The story mixes mystery, danger, and strange things well. This keeps fans glued to their seats until the end.

Sound design and great voice acting make “The Cannibalists” come alive. Atmospheric music, sound effects, and the cast’s great work make for an engrossing listen. You won’t want to stop listening from the start to the end.

The Alien Worlds

  • Visit distant planets teeming with exotic life forms
  • Experience the wonder of vibrant alien cultures and civilizations
  • Encounter unique landscapes and breathtaking scenery

The Historical Settings

  1. Step into pivotal moments in Earth’s past
  2. Witness historical events through the Doctor’s eyes
  3. Explore iconic periods and meet notable figures

“The Cannibalists” takes Doctor Who fans to a world of intrigue and danger. The settings and atmosphere are well-made. If you love thrilling and deep stories, this audiobook is perfect for you.

Suspense and Thrills in “The Cannibalists”

“The Cannibalists” offers lots of suspense and thrills. This Doctor Who audiobook makes listeners stay glued. It has intense stories and moments that make your heart beat fast.

The story keeps you guessing with suspense. From the start, you want to know what happens next. It’s very exciting.

The Doctor goes through lots of challenges. There are many surprises. Fans will find it full of excitement and suspense.

The story gets more intense as it goes. This makes it thrilling and very hard to stop listening to.

The Doctor meets scary creatures and faces danger. “The Cannibalists” is an adventure that Doctor Who fans will love. It’s full of suspense.

Join the Doctor on a risky mission in “The Cannibalists.” It’s a thrilling audiobook. You won’t want to stop listening.

Praise and Criticisms for “The Cannibalists”

“The Cannibalists” has both fans and critics among Doctor Who and audiobook lovers. Let’s look at different views on this exciting story.


The story of “The Cannibalists” has won lots of praise. Fans love how it keeps them super interested. It has many surprises that show how great Doctor Who tales can be.

People also really liked the characters. The audiobook shows how the Doctor and others grow. Fans felt closer to the characters. They liked seeing them face tough choices and challenges.

  • Engrossing storyline that keeps listeners engaged
  • Brilliant character development
  • Exploration of moral dilemmas and personal challenges
  • Rich world-building and atmospheric descriptions


However, “The Cannibalists” also got some negative feedback. Some found parts of the story hard to follow. They said it could get confusing. Others felt some scenes were too quick or too slow.

Concerns were raised about the voice acting too. While most performances were strong, a few lacked depth. This mattered to some fans.

  1. Convoluted plot at times
  2. Inconsistent pacing
  3. Minor shortcomings in voice acting performances

Even with these issues, “The Cannibalists” still thrilled many. It offers a deep and exciting adventure in the Doctor Who universe.

Reception and Impact of “The Cannibalists”

“The Cannibalists” has been a big hit since it came out. Both Doctor Who fans and audiobook lovers really like it. This shows how popular it still is.

Fans love the story, characters, and suspense in “The Cannibalists”. It’s full of surprises that keep listeners hooked. Fans think it mixes adventure, mystery, and sci-fi perfectly. This makes Doctor Who even more loved.

The audiobook doesn’t just appeal to die-hard fans. It also draws in new people to Doctor Who. Its complex story and rich characters get people interested in exploring more about the Doctor Who universe.

The Cultural Significance

“The Cannibalists” is important because of what it represents. Doctor Who is known for exploring big ideas. This audiobook is no different. It makes us think about right and wrong, and our actions.

It also shows how powerful stories can be. They bring people together, no matter their age. “The Cannibalists” encourages us to use our imagination and see what’s possible.

Continued Influence

Even years later, “The Cannibalists” is still a big deal. Fans love to talk about it online and create their own content. Its memorable story and characters have made a strong impact. It keeps fans excited about Doctor Who.

Overall, “The Cannibalists” is proof of how great Doctor Who is. It’s a favorite part of the Doctor Who series. Its legacy will last for a long time, loved by fans everywhere.

Recommendation for Doctor Who Fans

If you love Doctor Who, listen to “The Cannibalists” audiobook! It’s an exciting adventure with the Doctor. You’ll travel on an amazing journey in the Main Range series.

“The Cannibalists” has a great story full of mystery and suspense. It’s thrilling! Danger is everywhere, and the universe’s fate is at risk.

The actors do a fantastic job. They make the characters feel real. You feel the series’ excitement and deep feelings.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve watched Doctor Who for years or are new. “The Cannibalists” will pull you in. So, put on your headphones, relax, and join the Doctor Who adventure.

Doctor Who The Cannibalists

Why “The Cannibalists” is Worth Your Time:

  • Intense and gripping storyline
  • Unexpected twists and turns
  • Immersive Doctor Who universe
  • Outstanding cast performances
  • Mystery, suspense, and action


We end our look at the “The Cannibalists” Doctor Who audiobook today. It was released in 2009. This story grabs listeners with its exciting twists. It makes sure you have a great time from beginning to end.

We’ve talked about the story, people, places, and feel of the audiobook. It has lots of suspense and fun for those who listen. The adventure of the Doctor in “The Cannibalists” is at the heart. It’s a story that keeps fans very interested.

The way people feel about the audiobook is very important. “The Cannibalists” has left a big mark. It has gotten both good and bad comments. These have started talks and made a big impression on Doctor Who fans and audiobook lovers.

To end, we think “The Cannibalists” is great for Doctor Who fans looking for excitement. It has a gripping story, great characters, and is put together very well. It’s an audiobook that makes fans look forward to more.


What is “The Cannibalists” audiobook about?

“The Cannibalists” is an adventure in the Doctor Who Main Range. It’s thrilling and suspenseful. The story follows the Doctor on a risky mission filled with surprises.

When was “The Cannibalists” audiobook released?

It came out in 2009.

What can fans expect from “The Cannibalists”?

Fans will find a gripping story. It’s full of suspense and thrilling moments. The Doctor faces many challenges and dangerous situations.

Who are the main characters in “The Cannibalists”?

The Doctor is a key character. There are also others who play important roles in the story.

Where does “The Cannibalists” take place?

It’s set in a unique world. This world makes the story even more interesting. The settings add a special touch to the events.

Is “The Cannibalists” filled with suspense and thrills?

Yes! It’s very suspenseful and thrilling. There are lots of nail-biting scenes. And many twists that will surprise you.

What is the reception of “The Cannibalists” among Doctor Who fans?

Doctor Who fans really like it. They enjoy the gripping story and interesting characters. They also like the suspense in the audiobook.

Are there any criticisms of “The Cannibalists”?

Some listeners have offered feedback. They talk about the audiobook’s pacing and characters. Sometimes, they also discuss how the story is told.

Would you recommend “The Cannibalists” to Doctor Who fans?

Definitely! It’s a must-listen for Doctor Who fans who love exciting stories. It’s very engaging and fun.