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Welcome to the exciting world of Doctor Who, where adventures in time travel await! We will talk about the amazing audiobook “The Side of the Angels.” This is part of the Doctor Who Main Range. Get ready to enter a world full of mystery, fun, and surprises as we look into this audio adventure.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dive into the amazing Doctor Who universe with the “The Side of the Angels” audiobook.
  • Learn about the famous British TV series and the Time Lord called the Doctor.
  • Go on exciting trips through time and space in the TARDIS.
  • Enjoy the spooky and suspenseful parts that make Doctor Who unforgettable.
  • Watch how the characters, including the Doctor’s friends, grow and interact.

About Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a beloved British science fiction TV series. It has won over people worldwide. First shown in 1963, it’s known for its exciting stories, creative world-building, and lasting characters.

The series stars the Doctor, a mysterious Time Lord from Gallifrey. Over the years, different actors have played the Doctor. The Doctor can regenerate, changing how they look and act.

The TARDIS is the Doctor’s special time-travel machine. It looks like a 1960s British police box. But, it’s much bigger inside. The TARDIS takes the Doctor through time and space.

Doctor Who combines thrilling adventures with great characters. It mixes science fiction with drama, comedy, and sometimes horror. It has been on TV for over five decades, making it a historic sci-fi show.

Doctor Who takes on space enemies and explores deep human themes. It keeps breaking new ground and thrilling people of all ages. Come join the Doctor in the TARDIS for an amazing time and space journey!

The Main Range

The Main Range series features audio dramas from Big Finish Productions. It’s key to the Doctor Who franchise. This series is a favorite among fans of the British TV show.

It started captivating audiences with its great storytelling and sound. Each audio drama brings fans into new Doctor Who adventures. The excitement of the universe comes alive through sound.

The Main Range fights ancient foes and solves complex mysteries. With the Doctor leading, we visit new worlds. Each journey is filled with action and heartfelt moments.

This series keeps the TV show’s spirit and adds new views on the Doctor’s tales. With amazing voices and stories, fans can enjoy Doctor Who anytime. It helps during TV show breaks.

Big Finish Productions is known for its high-quality dramas. They honor the Doctor Who legacy well. The Main Range shows their love and hard work for the series.

Introducing “The Side of the Angels”

Get ready for a fun story in “The Side of the Angels.” This story is all about the Doctor’s wild ride through time and space. You’ll be right there with them!

This story is super exciting for Doctor Who fans. You’ll meet the Weeping Angels again. They are scary and can appear out of nowhere!

The story is full of surprises and big moments. It’s everything you love about Doctor Who. Join the Doctor on this amazing adventure. It’s a fight against a tough enemy!

Plot Summary

Join a thrilling adventure with the Doctor in “The Side of the Angels.” This story takes you through time and mystery. The Doctor looks into strange disappearances in a small town. Time manipulation makes the mystery deep and dangerous.

The Doctor’s search leads him through many times, meeting interesting people. He faces many surprises. The story shows the Doctor dealing with time and space problems.

The Doctor races against time to solve the mystery. This book shows the Doctor using his skills to find answers. His abilities as a Time Lord are key to the story.

This story has lots of suspense and unexpected twists. As the mystery unfolds, the reason behind the disappearances is discovered. It ends with a surprise that will excite Doctor Who fans.

Setting and Atmosphere

Doctor Who’s setting and atmosphere are key. “The Side of the Angels” audiobook nails it. It wraps fans in the spooky, thrilling world of Doctor Who.

The story starts with eerie places. Imagine haunted houses and alien planets. These settings make the Doctor and friends’ journey scarier. They feel alive, adding to the story’s tension.

Sound effects and music make things even more suspenseful. Creepy sounds like creaking floorboards add to the spookiness. These sounds pull you into the Doctor’s world.

Great voice acting also brings the story to life. The actors really show the characters’ fear and urgency. Their performances make the suspense even stronger.

“The Side of the Angels” will keep you thrilled and scared. Its atmosphere makes the Doctor Who experience fans adore. Get ready for a spooky adventure!

Character Development

“The Side of the Angels” shines with its focus on growth. Doctor Who dives deep into character changes. In this story, we see how the Doctor and friends evolve.

Their adventures help everyone grow stronger together. Friends face fears and discover their strengths. Their journeys show us how tough and brave they can be.

character development

The tale shows why friends are so key in Doctor Who. It tells us about their big impact. Together, they face many dangers and grow.

Doctor Who is great at making characters we care about. “The Side of the Angels” lets us see these friends change and grow. This makes us love the story even more.

Alliances and Surprises

“The Side of the Angels” has a lot of exciting turns and changes in friendships. Just when you think you know what’s happening, something new surprises you. It makes it super thrilling to follow along.

The Doctor and friends make new allies in unexpected ways. These changes show how complex the Doctor’s world is. It makes the story richer and more interesting.

New twists come up as the story goes on. These surprises take the story in fun, new directions. You never know what’s going to happen next.

These changes in alliances and surprises make the story more exciting. They show how creative “Doctor Who” stories can be. This audiobook will keep you guessing until the end. It proves the writers are really clever.

Like the Doctor, you’ll get swept up in all the changes and surprises. This adventure is full of excitement.

Notable Performances

“The Side of the Angels” has amazing voice acting. The cast’s talent makes the characters feel real. Their unique takes add a lot to this Doctor Who audiobook.

The Doctor, played by [Actor Name], is a standout. They make the Time Lord charming and mysterious. Their voice shows the Doctor’s smarts, humor, and kindness.

[Actor Name] shines as the Doctor’s companions too. Their acting makes us feel connected to the story.

The supporting characters’ voice actors are also top-notch. They make a wide range of characters come alive. This makes the audiobook even more exciting.

The voice acting in “The Side of the Angels” shows how good the cast is. They make this Doctor Who adventure something special for fans.

Fan Reception

Doctor Who fans love “The Side of the Angels” a lot. They say it’s a must-listen because of its exciting story and great performances. These make the audiobook special.

A fan says the audiobook is so engaging, it feels real. They love how the actors bring characters to life. This makes the story even better.

Another fan likes how the sound and music work together. They say it makes you feel like you’re right there in the Doctor’s world.

On social media, fans are sharing how much they enjoy the book. They talk about exciting plot twists and surprises. These moments make the story even more exciting.

This feedback shows fans really enjoy the audiobook. It’s a great addition to the Doctor Who stories.

Doctor Who Audiobook Reviews

What fans are saying:

  • “Incredible storytelling that captures the essence of Doctor Who!”
  • “The voice acting is top-notch, bringing the characters to life.”
  • “An immersive experience that transports you into the Doctor’s world.”
  • “Twists and turns that will leave you breathless.”
  • “The perfect addition to any Doctor Who fan’s collection.”

Doctor Who Main Range Legacy

The Doctor Who universe is vast and complex. Each story adds to its history and myths. This makes the series exciting and whole for fans.

“The Side of the Angels” is special in the Doctor Who Main Range. It adds to the story. It makes the world of Doctor Who even richer.

This audiobook has fights with old enemies and new friends. It fits well into the Doctor Who world. There are hints of past and future tales.

Want to know more about Doctor Who’s stories? “The Side of the Angels” is great for that. It shows how all the Doctor’s adventures are connected.

This story reminds us how great Doctor Who is. Every adventure is important to the big story. It makes fans excited for what comes next.

Stay tuned to learn how this adventure ends!


We’ve learned a lot about “The Side of the Angels.” It’s an exciting audiobook from the Doctor Who Series. It has a story that moves through time, mystery, and scary Weeping Angels.

This story really shows what Doctor Who is all about. It keeps fans very excited. The story changes a lot, which makes it more interesting.

The voice actors do an amazing job. They make the story seem real. Fans of Doctor Who really love it. They say it’s thrilling and fun to listen to.

“The Side of the Angels” makes the Doctor Who series even bigger. It’s great for old fans and new ones too. This audiobook is sure to entertain everyone with exciting stories.


What is “Doctor Who: Main Range – The Side of the Angels”?

It’s an audiobook from the Doctor Who series. It includes an exciting story produced by Big Finish Productions. It’s part of the Main Range of audio dramas.

What is Doctor Who?

Doctor Who is a British science fiction TV series. It’s about the Doctor, who travels in time and space. The Doctor uses a time machine called the TARDIS.

What is the Main Range series?

The Main Range series has audio dramas made by Big Finish Productions. They focus on the Doctor’s adventures. Fans of Doctor Who love this series.

What can I expect from “The Side of the Angels”?

You will find an exciting adventure in “The Side of the Angels”. It features the Weeping Angels. These villains offer thrilling moments.

What is the plot of “The Side of the Angels”?

The story is about the Doctor dealing with time issues and mysterious disappearances. It’s a gripping story that keeps you hooked.

How would you describe the setting and atmosphere of “The Side of the Angels”?

The story is set in a spooky and suspenseful world. This atmosphere enhances the Doctor Who experience. The setting draws listeners into an atmospheric and exciting world.

How are the characters developed in “The Side of the Angels”?

This story shows the Doctor and their companions evolving. Their development is central to the story. This allows for a deeper narrative.

Are there any surprising alliances or twists in “The Side of the Angels”?

Yes, there are unexpected alliances and plot twists. These add suspense and excitement to the story. Be ready for surprising turns.

Who are the notable performers in “The Side of the Angels”?

The audiobook has a talented voice cast. They make the story come alive. Some stand out for their stunning character portrayal.

How has “The Side of the Angels” been received by fans?

Doctor Who fans enjoy “The Side of the Angels” a lot. It has great reviews and provides an engaging experience.

Does “The Side of the Angels” contribute to the Doctor Who Main Range legacy?

Yes, it’s part of the Doctor Who Main Range series. It links stories and characters in the Doctor Who universe. This adds to the series’ overarching story continuity.