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Welcome to our review of “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor AdventuresCryptobiosis.” This 2005 audiobook pulls you into a thrilling adventure. It stars the mysterious Sixth Doctor. Dive into this time-travel tale and enjoy the world of Doctor Who.

Key Takeaways:

  • Experience the thrilling world of Doctor Who in the form of an audiobook.
  • Discover the intriguing character of the Sixth Doctor and his unique personality.
  • Uncover the fascinating concept of cryptobiosis as the backdrop for this adventure.
  • Follow the gripping plot of “Cryptobiosis” as the Doctor encounters strange creatures and uncovers dangerous secrets.
  • Meet the diverse cast of characters who accompany the Sixth Doctor on his journey.

Introducing the Sixth Doctor

The Sixth Doctor is a famous figure from Doctor Who. Colin Baker played him. This Doctor was known for his big personality and unique style.

He loved to wear bright and colorful clothes. His many-colored coat was his symbol. It showed how bold and different he was.

This Doctor was very smart and funny. He was also very brave. Sometimes, he could be a bit much, but people loved him.

In Doctor Who, he went on many adventures. He met lots of friends and foes. Some famous stories are “The Twin Dilemma,” “Attack of the Cybermen,” and “Revelation of the Daleks.”

Let’s learn more about the Sixth Doctor. We’ll see why he’s so special in Doctor Who. He’s remembered for his bold clothes and strong spirit.

Uncovering Cryptobiosis

Let’s explore cryptobiosis, a cool fact behind the audiobook “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Adventures – Cryptobiosis.” Cryptobiosis is when some creatures go into a kind of sleep. They do this to survive tough places.

This process makes the Doctor’s journey full of mystery and excitement. It adds a special touch to the story. So, the tale becomes more fun for those who listen.

Cryptobiosis helps creatures live through hard times. Times like when it’s very cold or hot, or when there is no water. They almost stop moving to keep safe and use less energy.

While asleep, these organisms can stay like that for a long time. They can even do this for years. Then, they wake up when things get better. It’s amazing how they survive tough spots and come back.

In “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Adventures – Cryptobiosis,” we meet beings who can do cryptobiosis. Their arrival brings new problems for the Doctor. He has to learn about cryptobiosis to uncover hidden truths.

The story is not just fun. It also makes you think about amazing science ideas. By talking about cryptobiosis, the story becomes even more interesting. It’s different from other Doctor Who tales.

The mix of science fiction and real science grabs listeners. It puts them into a world where cryptobiosis is key. It’s a big part of the adventure for the Sixth Doctor.

Plot Summary of Cryptobiosis

In “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Adventures – Cryptobiosis,” the Doctor goes on an exciting trip. It is filled with mystery, danger, and strange creatures. The story is set in the year 2526 on planet Puxatornee.

He finds a secret there that could change the universe.

The Doctor and Peri Brown, his friend, get to Puxatornee. This planet is known for its big market. But under this, there’s a hidden world in a sleep-like state.

People there sleep through big storms to survive. This sleep is called cryptobiosis.

While looking around, the Doctor meets the Scramp. These are odd creatures with a dark plan. They have a tool called the Infinity Vortex.

This tool lets them control the dreams of the sleeping people.

The Doctor learns the Scramp want to control everyone’s dreams with the Vortex. This would make everyone their slaves. He must stop them and save Puxatornee’s people.

The Doctor gets help from Peri and a group fighting the Scramp. This group is led by someone brave named Honesty Islet. They go through dangerous places and solve deep mysteries about the sleep-state.

Their adventure reveals big secrets about Puxatornee.

This story takes listeners on a journey full of suspense and surprises. It ends with a big twist about cryptobiosis and its effects on people.

Characters in Cryptobiosis

In “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Adventures – Cryptobiosis,” we meet many characters. They join the Sixth Doctor on his journey. There are loyal friends and powerful enemies. Each one makes the story interesting.

The Sixth Doctor

The Sixth Doctor is played by Colin Baker. He is known for his bright clothes and smart remarks. His intelligence and determination lead the story.

Peri Brown

Peri Brown is the Doctor’s companion. Nicola Bryant plays her. She is brave and smart. Her skills help balance the Doctor’s unique ways. Together, they make an exciting team.

Villainous Forces

  • The Master: The Doctor’s main enemy is the Master. Different actors have played him. He creates chaos and is very clever. This makes him a tough enemy.
  • The Strathmore Corporation: This group seeks power. They play a big part in the story. Their goals clash with the Doctor’s, making things thrilling.

Secondary Characters

  • Supporting Companions: Many friends help the Doctor and Peri. They bring their skills and stories. This makes the journey richer and more emotional.
  • Creatures and Aliens: The story includes many interesting beings. Some are misunderstood, and others are scary. They add mystery and excitement.

The audiobook’s stories blend well, making it a great listen. With the Sixth Doctor and friends, we explore cryptobiosis. They meet challenges, make friends, and discover secrets that change them.

Characters in Cryptobiosis

Themes and Messages

“Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Adventures – Cryptobiosis” covers many themes and messages. We will look closer at the ideas and meanings in this exciting audiobook.

1. The Power of Resilience

The story uses cryptobiosis, a type of suspended life, as a symbol. It shows the strength of the human spirit. It tells us about our ability to face tough times, change, and become stronger.

2. Exploration of Morality

In this tale, the Sixth Doctor faces hard moral choices. He needs to decide what is best for everyone. It makes us think about right and wrong and the impact of our actions.

3. Friendship and Loyalty

Friendship and loyalty are key in the story. The Doctor’s friends help and support him when danger comes. This highlights how important trust, teamwork, and real connections are.

The picture shows the story’s deep moments. The characters strive to defend their values and protect the universe.

4. Exploration of Fear and Courage

The story explores fear and the bravery to face it. Through the characters, it shows how courage can come from surprising places. It inspires actions that change lives.

5. Discovering Inner Strength

The Sixth Doctor’s adventure is about facing outside problems and finding his own power. It reminds us to find out who we are and embrace our strengths.

6. Reflection on the Passage of Time

Cryptobiosis makes us think about time and how it affects how we see the universe. It asks us to think about how time changes our lives, relationships, and growth.

“Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Adventures – Cryptobiosis” relates to our lives and takes us on an exciting unknown trip.

Production and Reception

A lot of work and skill went into making the audiobook “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Adventures – Cryptobiosis.” This section talks about how it was made and how Doctor Who fans felt about it.

Production Process

The team worked hard on the audiobook. They kept true to the Doctor Who series. They picked great voice actors and made cool sound effects. This made listeners feel like they were with the Sixth Doctor.

An image related to the production of “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Adventures – Cryptobiosis” is displayed below:

Production of Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Adventures - Cryptobiosis

Reception and Fan Response

When it came out, fans and reviewers loved “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Adventures – Cryptobiosis.” They really liked the storytelling and how it showed more about the Sixth Doctor.

The big ending and surprises were a hit too. Fans liked how it fit with the rest of the Doctor Who stories. It made the Doctor Who world richer.

The audiobook’s success shows the hard work and talent of the people who made it. Fans showed their love for Doctor Who once again.

Recommended Listening

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Every suggestion here is full of great stories, characters, and adventures. Doctor Who has been a favorite for years because of these reasons.


We’re wrapping up our talk about “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Adventures – Cryptobiosis.” It’s a key part of the Doctor Who world. Released in 2005, it’s a gripping tale. It has the Sixth Doctor in a marvelous story that still pulls in fans.

The story’s heart is Cryptobiosis, a mystery that spices up the Doctor’s travels. It shows how creative and deep the Doctor Who series can be.

This audiobook has a cool story and lots of different people in it. It has big ideas too. “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Adventures – Cryptobiosis” is unforgettable. It is a treat for Doctor Who fans, old and new. It’s something you really should hear.

We’re closing our chat now. But we suggest you dive into “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Adventures – Cryptobiosis.” Go on an amazing adventure with the Sixth Doctor. It’s full of surprises, risks, and the magic that is Doctor Who.


What is “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Adventures – Cryptobiosis”?

Released in 2005, “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Adventures – Cryptobiosis” is an audiobook. It’s about the Sixth Doctor’s exciting journey.

Who is the Sixth Doctor?

The Sixth Doctor is a key figure in the Doctor Who series. With a bold personality and bright clothes, he’s a Time Lord. He travels in the TARDIS, a spaceship that moves through time and space.

What is cryptobiosis?

Cryptobiosis is a key idea in this story. It means some creatures can enter a deep sleep. This lets them live without any body activity, even in tough conditions.

Can you provide a plot summary of “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Adventures – Cryptobiosis”?

The story is about the Sixth Doctor finding odd creatures on a faraway planet. He learns a scary secret. He must then save the planet and its people from these creatures.

Who are the key characters in “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Adventures – Cryptobiosis”?

Important figures in the audiobook include the Sixth Doctor, his friends, and some villains. Each character adds to the story. This makes it more thrilling and deep.

What themes and messages does “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Adventures – Cryptobiosis” explore?

The story looks at survival, learning’s power, and acting against challenges. It also talks about the dangers of too much ambition. Plus, it shows how caring and understanding are valuable.

How was “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Adventures – Cryptobiosis” received?

People liked the audiobook a lot. They praised its story, sound, and how it showed the Sixth Doctor. Doctor Who fans enjoyed getting to know more about his adventures.

Can you recommend any other Doctor Who audiobooks or episodes similar to “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Adventures – Cryptobiosis”?

For more like this, try other stories about the Sixth Doctor. “Doctor Who: The Marian Conspiracy” and “Doctor Who: The Holy Terror” are good choices. They both have exciting tales about his journeys.

What is the significance of “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Adventures – Cryptobiosis” in the Doctor Who universe?

This adventure adds more to the Doctor Who world. It gives fans a fun story and helps them know more about the Sixth Doctor. It shows why the Doctor Who story is loved by so many.