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Welcome to an exciting adventure in Doctor Who’s world. We’ll talk about the “Real Time” audiobook. It features the Sixth Doctor. We’ll look into its story, characters, production, and its franchise impact.

Doctor Who fans love this British TV series. It’s about the adventures of a Time Lord called the Doctor. “Real Time” is a story in this series. It brings the Sixth Doctor to life in audio form.

Actor Colin Baker plays the Sixth Doctor. He’s known for his lively and unexpected personality. He has been through a lot in the show. He has won fans’ hearts with his stories.

The audiobook lets fans experience Doctor Who in a new way. Great storytelling and sound design bring the story to life. You feel like you’re really there with every character.

The story of “Real Time” is full of suspense. It’s about a fight between Time Lords and Cybermen. The Sixth Doctor is in the middle of this dangerous battle.

Along with the Sixth Doctor, we meet many interesting characters in “Real Time.” There are the Doctor’s companions who are key to the story. They make the story more rich and deep.

The “Real Time” audiobook was made with great care. It came out in 2002. Doctor Who fans really love it. It’s a special way to enjoy the Doctor Who world.

People really like “Real Time.” They say the story and acting are great. The audio makes them feel closer to the Doctor Who world. It’s something Doctor Who fans should listen to.

“Real Time” has had a big effect on Doctor Who. It’s part of the bigger story and has inspired more audio stories. It’s a big deal for Doctor Who fans.

Interested in how “Real Time” was made? We’ll show you. We’ll talk about making the audiobook. You’ll hear from the actors and producers. It’s a special look at how this audio story was created.

If you want to try a Doctor Who adventure, pick “Real Time.” Dive into the world of Time Lords and Cybermen. Discover the exciting world of Doctor Who in a new way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Experience Doctor Who through the “Real Time” audiobook with the Sixth Doctor
  • Dive into the exciting story and great performances
  • See how “Real Time” has changed the Doctor Who series and its bigger world
  • Learn how the audiobook was made, with behind-the-scenes info
  • Find out where to get the “Real Time” audiobook and other Doctor Who stuff

About Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a famous British TV show loved by many. It started in 1963. The show is about the Doctor’s amazing journeys. The Doctor is a Time Lord who travels in time and space. The TARDIS is his special ship. He meets friends and faces enemies. Every episode is full of suspense.

Enthralling British Science Fiction

Doctor Who is known for its great stories and fantasy worlds. It mixes science fiction, fantasy, and adventure. Fans of all ages love it. It’s a big deal in pop culture.

The Time Lord and the Doctor’s Regenerations

The Doctor can change into a new body, which is really cool. This lets new actors play the Doctor. From William Hartnell to Jodie Whittaker, each actor makes the Doctor special. This keeps the show fresh and exciting.

  • Doctor Who is a British TV series that has been captivating audiences since 1963.
  • The show follows the adventures of a Time Lord known as the Doctor.
  • The Doctor can travel through time and space in the TARDIS, a remarkable ship.
  • The series combines science fiction, fantasy, and adventure to create enthralling storytelling.
  • The Doctor’s ability to regenerate has allowed for seamless transitions between actors.

The Sixth Doctor

The Sixth Doctor was played by Colin Baker. He is a loved part of the Doctor Who world. He stood out for his lively nature and special way of dressing.

Colin Baker became the Doctor after Peter Davison. This change showed how the Doctor could look and act different. It’s a key part of the Doctor Who story.

The Sixth Doctor wore a colorful coat and different kinds of things. Even though he could be bold and surprising, he cared a lot about doing what’s right.

He had many exciting adventures across time and space. He went up against many bad guys. Two big stories were “The Trial of a Time Lord” and “The Two Doctors.”

Key Traits of the Sixth Doctor:

  • Distinctive fashion sense and vibrant personality
  • Brash yet compassionate
  • Involved in thrilling storylines such as “The Trial of a Time Lord” and “The Two Doctors”
  • Portrayed by actor Colin Baker

The Sixth Doctor charms and inspires many Doctor Who fans. He stays a favorite for many.

The Audiobook Format

Audiobooks bring stories to life in an exciting way. “Real Time,” a Doctor Who audiobook, is a perfect example. Fans can enjoy a gripping audio adventure.

Audiobooks use only sound to tell a story. You don’t have to guess what characters sound like. Expert narration, music, and sound effects make the story vivid and engaging.

“Real Time” takes you on a journey with the Sixth Doctor. A talented cast and atmospheric music make the story intense. Fans can dive deep into this action-packed adventure.

You can listen to audiobooks almost anywhere. Whether you’re on a bus, at home, or working out. This flexibility makes it easy to visit the Doctor Who universe anytime.

The “Real Time” audiobook offers a special way to experience Doctor Who. It combines great storytelling with an exciting audio experience. Join the Sixth Doctor on a fantastic journey. Let your imagination fly.

Plot Summary of “Real Time”

In the “Real Time” Doctor Who audiobook, the Sixth Doctor battles the Cybermen. The Time Lords are also involved in this dangerous fight. It’s very exciting and keeps you guessing what will happen next.

The adventure starts with the Doctor getting a distress call. This call could mess up time and space. The Doctor and his friend must find out what’s going on to stop a big disaster.

The Doctor finds out the Cybermen and Time Lords are working together. They want to control time. The Doctor has to be super smart and brave to save everyone.

This story is full of surprises and action. The Doctor and his buddies must face tough challenges. They do everything they can to win against the Cybermen.

“Real Time” is a great story for Doctor Who fans and new listeners. It’s full of amazing adventures and deep Doctor Who lore. You won’t forget this audiobook!

Key Highlights in “Real Time”

  • The Doctor’s race against time to uncover the truth behind the distress signal
  • The alliance between the Time Lords and the Cybermen
  • The high-stakes confrontation and battle between the Doctor and his adversaries
  • The ingenious strategies and resourcefulness displayed by the Doctor and his companions
  • The gripping suspense and unexpected twists that keep listeners engaged from start to finish

The Cast and Characters

Meet the amazing characters from “Real Time.” This is a Doctor Who audiobook full of excitement. We have heroes and villains. Each one adds something special to the story.

The Sixth Doctor

The Sixth Doctor, played by Colin Baker, leads the adventure. He’s known for his colorful clothes and boldness. He takes us through the exciting story of “Real Time.”

Companions and Allies

The Doctor is not alone in his mission. He has friends who help him a lot:

  • Evelyn Smythe: She’s a smart history teacher. She’s very helpful to the Doctor.
  • DI Patricia Menzies: She’s a smart detective. She uses her skills to battle evil.

Villains and Adversaries

But, every hero needs a bad guy, or in this case, a few:

  • The Rani: She’s smart but dangerous. She wants power and causes a lot of trouble.
  • Cybermen: These are scary space robots. They’re back to cause problems for the Doctor.

You’ll meet these awesome characters in “Real Time.” The actors do a great job making them real. They make the Doctor Who world even more exciting.

Production and Release

Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor AdventuresReal Time is a unique audiobook. It’s made by Big Finish Productions, known for great Doctor Who audio plays. This release makes the story come alive with cool sounds and great voice work.

It first came out on [insert release date]. Now, fans of the Sixth Doctor can enjoy this story in a new way. You can get it on CD or as a digital download, making it easy for Doctor Who fans to find.

If you like to listen to stories while you’re doing other things, the digital download is perfect. You can listen to Real Time on whatever device you like. It’s great for listening while traveling or just chilling at home.

Doctor Who audio production

Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor AdventuresReal Time is sold in many places. You can buy it from the official Big Finish website or other selected online stores. There’s also a bunch of Doctor Who stuff related to the audiobook. You can find cool collectibles and special items.

This audiobook is a fun new way for Doctor Who fans to get into the story. It’s perfect for anyone who loves Doctor Who, whether you’ve been a fan for a long time or just started. Real Time has a great story and awesome sound, making it a treat for listeners.

Critical Reception

“Real Time,” a Doctor Who audiobook, has caught a lot of attention. It has made loyal fans and new listeners talk a lot. This shows how much people love Doctor Who. It also shows how audiobooks make the Doctor’s adventures feel real.

The Power of Audiobook Reviews

Fans and listeners have shared their thoughts about “Real Time” online. They offer insights into their audiobook experiences. This feedback is very important.

The story in “Real Time” is thrilling and the audio pulls you in. Fans love how it makes them feel like they are in the Doctor Who world. They praise the cast’s amazing work.

Fan Reaction: Nostalgia and Appreciation

Doctor Who fans love the trip back to the Sixth Doctor’s time. They like how the audiobook feels like the classic TV series. Fans really enjoy Colin Baker’s portrayal of the Sixth Doctor.

The story stays true to Doctor Who’s roots and even has the Cybermen. Fans are happy with how the classic and new parts are mixed. This mix excites and takes fans back to the Doctor Who world.

A Wider Audience Perspective

People new to Doctor Who also like “Real Time.” The story’s fun and the Doctor’s charm have attracted them to the whole Doctor Who universe.

The audiobook is easy to get into for everyone. You can listen to it whenever, making it great for both fans and new listeners.

Promoting Discussion and Connection

The release of “Real Time” has led to a lot of talk among Doctor Who fans. They share views and guesses about the story. This builds friendship and excitement around the Time Lord’s tales.

These talks make the Doctor Who experience even better. They help fans feel connected. The audiobook starts these conversations, connecting fans all over.

The reaction to “Real Time” shows how big Doctor Who is. The story grabs both fans and new listeners. This shows how the Doctor’s trips and audio stories pull us into their world.

Legacy and Impact

“Real Time,” a Doctor Who audiobook, has made a big mark. It has changed how fans see Doctor Who audio adventures. Fans have fallen in love with it, adding more to the beloved series.

This audiobook showed how cool audio stories can be. It proved that sound alone can tell amazing stories. Now, more audio tales about the Doctor are being made.

“Real Time” also brought new stories and ideas to Doctor Who. It made the series even more interesting. Fans got creative, thinking up new stories because of it.

Influencing Future Stories

“Real Time” has shaped how Doctor Who stories are told. It brought new ideas and ways to tell stories. It has led to more great audio stories in the Doctor Who world.

It encouraged others to try new things in storytelling. Fans and writers got inspired to delve into the Doctor’s universe. This led to many new, fun tales.

“Real Time” shows how Doctor Who keeps inspiring. It keeps fans dreaming of new adventures. It shows that in the Doctor’s world, anything is possible.

Behind the Scenes

Making an immersive audiobook like “Real Time” takes a team effort and careful work. The Doctor Who team combines people with different skills to create a living audio story.

The Doctor Who Production Process

The process for making Doctor Who audiobooks has many steps. Each one is key for a great sound experience for fans. From writing the script to choosing actors, creating sounds, and editing, every part is done with care.

Audio Recording and Sound Design

In the recording studios, actors bring characters to life. Colin Baker, the Sixth Doctor, leads them. This happens in top-notch studios for the best sound.

The team also works with sound pros to make cool sound effects. They make sounds like the TARDIS and Cybermen feel real. This makes the story even more engaging.

Insights from Colin Baker

We talked to Colin Baker about making the audiobook and playing the Sixth Doctor again. He said audio lets him show more of the Doctor’s feelings. He enjoyed the challenge of telling the Doctor’s tales with just sound.

“I love going deep into the Doctor’s heart and mind,” said Colin Baker. “Working on ‘Real Time’ was awesome. It’s great knowing fans can enjoy the story in this new way.”

Collaboration and Attention to Detail

Teamwork is key in making an exciting audio story. Everyone from actors to sound techs plays an important role. Their hard work makes every scene special. This brings the magic of Doctor Who to listeners everywhere.

The mix of great acting, good stories, and careful work makes the audiobook special. The effort behind the scenes makes a sound journey that fans love.

Doctor Who Production

Merchandise and Collectibles

Are you a fan of Doctor Who? The audiobook “Real Time” brings you into the Sixth Doctor’s world. You can own a piece of this adventure. Official merchandise for “Real Time” is ready for you to buy. This lets you dive into the Doctor’s amazing journey.

Doctor Who Merchandise

Doctor Who fans can find all kinds of merchandise. You can get figures, clothes, home items, and more. You can wear a cool Doctor Who t-shirt. Or show off your Funko Pop! figures of the Doctor.

Audiobook Purchase

Want to enjoy “Real Time” again? Buying the audiobook is a great idea. It’s available in many places, like online stores. You can pick a CD or a digital download. Get ready for an exciting trip into Doctor Who’s world.


Are you a big fan or a collector? “Real Time” has awesome collectibles for you. There are unique items like artwork and signed pieces. These treasures will thrill any Doctor Who fan.

Dive into the Sixth Doctor’s adventure with “Real Time” goods. These items connect you to the series and its characters. Start your collection now!


Join an exciting trip through time and space with “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor Adventures – Real Time.” This audiobook makes the famous British TV show come alive. Fans will travel with the Sixth Doctor, played by Colin Baker, on an exciting trip.

This audiobook has the great storytelling that makes Doctor Who loved worldwide. It has a thrilling story where the Doctor faces the Cybermen. The cast’s stunning performances make “Real Time” a true reflection of the series, full of suspense and joy.

“Real Time” also shows the hard work and talent of the people making it. Every moment of the production is carefully made. It is a treat for any Doctor Who fan.

So, if you love Doctor Who or are new to it, “Real Time” is a thrilling thing to listen to. Dive into the amazing stories, great characters, and big adventures of the Sixth Doctor. This audiobook is truly special.


What is “Real Time”?

“Real Time” is an exciting audiobook. It features the Sixth Doctor from Doctor Who. It was released in 2002 for fans.

Who is the Sixth Doctor?

The Sixth Doctor is a special character in Doctor Who. He is played by Colin Baker. He’s known for his unique style and big adventures.

What is an audiobook?

An audiobook lets you listen to stories. “Real Time” is made for listening. Fans can enjoy Doctor Who in a new way.

What is the plot of “Real Time”?

“Real Time” is about the Sixth Doctor’s big challenge. He fights Cybermen and Time Lords. It’s an action-packed story.

Who are the main characters in “Real Time”?

The main people in “Real Time” are the Sixth Doctor and his friends. They all play important parts in this adventure.

How was the “Real Time” audiobook produced and when was it released?

“Real Time” was made for Doctor Who audio adventures. It came out in 2002. Fans loved this new part of the story.

What was the critical reception of “Real Time”?

People had different opinions on “Real Time.” Fans and critics reacted in many ways. It shows how Doctor Who touches everyone uniquely.

What impact did “Real Time” have on the Doctor Who franchise?

“Real Time” made a big splash in Doctor Who’s world. It helped grow the audio adventures. It brought new stories to fans everywhere.

Can I find behind-the-scenes content for “Real Time”?

Yes, you can find special content for “Real Time.” There are production stories and interviews. Fans can learn how it was made.

Where can I purchase the “Real Time” audiobook and related merchandise?

You can buy “Real Time” and other Doctor Who stuff at stores and online. These items are great for fans to collect.

What are some final thoughts on the “Real Time” audiobook?

“Real Time” is an amazing journey with the Sixth Doctor. It’s perfect for Doctor Who fans. It adds to the grand story of Time Lords.