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Welcome to the exciting world of Doctor Who. Here, time and space meet in awesome adventures! We’ll talk about the audiobook “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor and Peri – Vol 1.” It takes you on a space journey with the Sixth Doctor and Peri. So, get your sonic screwdriver ready for a great audio adventure!

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore the dynamic relationship between the Sixth Doctor and Peri
  • Delve into thrilling time and space adventures with this audiobook
  • Discover the unique qualities and quirks of the Sixth Doctor and Peri
  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of this captivating audiobook
  • Find out what Doctor Who fans have to say about “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor and Peri – Vol 1″

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1.2 Like by Jacqueline Rayner:
1.3 The Vanity Trap by Stuart Manning:
1.4 Conflict Theory by Nev Fountain:

The Sixth Doctor and Peri: A Dynamic Duo

The Sixth Doctor and Peri are famous friends in Doctor Who. Colin Baker played the Sixth Doctor. He was fun and full of surprises. Peri was played by Nicola Bryant. She was brave and smart.

Their teamwork was amazing to watch. The Sixth Doctor wore bright clothes and was full of life. Peri was smart and knew how to handle tough spots. Together, they made a great team.

They made a big impact on Doctor Who. The Sixth Doctor and Peri showed how complex the Doctor is. They also showed why each friend the Doctor has is important.

They met weird creatures and went on exciting trips through time and space. These adventures were fun to watch. They also helped the Doctor and Peri grow.

Fans all over the world love them. Their stories and fun times together are hard to forget. The Sixth Doctor and Peri are a big part of why people love Doctor Who.

Overview of “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor and Peri – Vol 1”

Welcome to “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor and Peri – Vol 1” audiobook. Fans will enjoy stories starring the Sixth Doctor and Peri. Get ready for an amazing time-travel adventure!

This audiobook brings a trip through time and space. The Doctor and Peri will face many challenges. They will visit London’s streets and the far edges of the universe.

Listeners will go to different times and places. You will see the vast world of Doctor Who. In every story, the Doctor and Peri fight danger and solve mysteries.

This audiobook shows the great tales of the Doctor Who world. Every story pulls listeners into adventures where anything can happen.

Join the Sixth Doctor and Peri as they fight evil and save the day. “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor and Peri – Vol 1” is perfect for Doctor Who fans. It’s full of exciting stories that make you want more.

The Time and Space Adventures Begin

Jump into the exciting world of Doctor Who with the Sixth Doctor and Peri. They go on adventures in time and space in the audiobook, “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor and Peri – Vol 1”. Their travels bring them to amazing places, meet interesting creatures, and face thrilling situations.

This audiobook takes the Doctor and Peri on wild travels.

They visit alien worlds, old times, and future cities. They see ancient Egyptian temples and far-off galaxies. Their travels are full of excitement, danger, and mystery. They also get to see important parts of history, meet famous people, and tackle tough challenges.

Listening to “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor and Peri – Vol 1” is like time traveling.

You feel like you’re part of the action, thanks to the great storytelling. It’s full of adventures, interesting characters, and stories that grab you. Every part of the audiobook is memorable.

Doctor Who time and space adventures

The Sixth Doctor’s Persona and Quirks

The Sixth Doctor stands out thanks to his persona and character traits. Colin Baker brings him to life. He’s known for his flashy clothes that match his big personality. His bold looks and loud ways make sure he’s noticed and remembered.

He’s super smart. His brain holds tons of knowledge from many worlds. His sharp mind and quick wit help him solve big problems and beat bad guys.

But he can be a bit odd. His sudden, strange actions, driven by strong beliefs, sometimes surprise his friends like Peri. These moments can catch everyone off guard.

Yet, he’s also charming and full of charisma. People feel drawn to him. His screen and audio stories show how he blends softness with strength. This makes him very loved by fans.

The Sixth Doctor really grabs your attention. With his smart mind and big character, he leaves a big mark on the Doctor Who world.

Peri: The Adventurous Companion

Peri Brown is played by Nicola Bryant in Doctor Who. She’s a much-loved character and a key companion to the Doctor. Her strong-willed nature and determination help her in the Doctor’s thrilling adventures.

Peri’s intelligence helps her solve tough problems. She can figure out alien tech and crack the secrets of new worlds. Her smarts and being quick to act help her a lot.

Peri faces many dangers and hurdles in the series. She shows how she can adjust and tackle problems directly. She deals with scary creatures and risky places with courage.

As a companion, Peri adds a special view to her team with the Doctor. She cares about others deeply. This lets her make real friends in the many worlds they visit.

The Challenges Peri Faces

  • Surviving hazardous encounters with extraterrestrial beings
  • Exploring alien worlds and coping with their unfamiliar landscapes
  • Confronting moral dilemmas and making difficult decisions
  • Navigating complex political landscapes and cultures

Peri is both relatable and inspiring to Doctor Who fans. Her bravery, toughness, and true loyalty to the Doctor make her very important.

Stay tuned for our next section. We will look at how “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor and Peri – Vol 1” was made. We’ll also meet the talented people who bring the stories to life.

Behind the Scenes: Creating the Audiobook

Have you ever thought about how audiobooks are made? Fans of Doctor Who and audiobooks find the making process really cool. “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor and Peri – Vol 1” was made with lots of care.

Audiobook Production

A team worked hard on this audiobook. They picked voice actors and planned sound effects and music. Every detail was planned to make you feel like you’re in the Doctor Who world.

Voice Actors:

The voice actors brought the Doctor and Peri to life. Their skills made the characters feel real in the audiobook.

Famous actors voiced the Sixth Doctor and Peri. They made it sound just like the TV show. Their work helped make the audiobook fun for Doctor Who fans.

Production Team:

A team worked behind the scenes to make the audiobook great. Sound engineers and editors made sure the sound was perfect. They worked together to tell the story well.

The actors and production team worked closely together. They made sure the audiobook felt like Doctor Who. Fans got to enjoy an experience just like the TV series.

The team used sound effects and music to bring the story to life. These sounds made the Doctor Who universe feel even more real.

Making an audiobook takes lots of different skills. For “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor and Peri – Vol 1,” great voice acting and careful production made it special. Fans got to dive into the Doctor Who world in a new way.

Fan Reactions and Reviews

Doctor Who fans have welcomed “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor and Peri – Vol 1” with open arms. They really love it! This audiobook has earned great reviews, making it a top pick for Whovians.

Listeners have enjoyed the engaging tales and the strong bond between the Sixth Doctor and Peri. This audiobook feels just like the Doctor Who series, pulling listeners into exciting adventures.

“I was hooked from the start! The tales of the Sixth Doctor and Peri were thrilling. The storytelling was top-notch, and the voice work made the characters come alive. For anyone who loves Doctor Who, you should definitely listen to this audiobook!”

Fans appreciate the close attention to detail and the true feel of the audiobook. The stories and performances have earned high praise. This has made fans very happy.

The love for “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor and Peri – Vol 1” shows how much people enjoy the series. It’s perfect for both long-time fans and newcomers. This audiobook is guaranteed to entertain and enchant.

Expanding the Doctor Who Universe

Doctor Who is much-loved and always growing. “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor and Peri – Vol 1” makes it even richer. It helps fans understand more. It’s a door to more stories and media.

This audiobook takes us on fun trips with the Sixth Doctor and Peri. They meet all sorts of beings and go to different times and places. It shows us how they get along and brings in new stuff to learn.

If you want more Doctor Who, this audiobook is a great start. It leads you to more stories. Like companion tales, comics, books, and other cool Doctor Who stuff.

In the expanded universe, you’ll find secret treasures and learn more about favorite characters. Spin-offs let you see side stories and other views in the Doctor Who world.

“Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor and Peri – Vol 1” is fun for new fans and the ones who already love the show. It makes you want to see more of the Doctor Who universe. There are so many stories out there, and this audiobook is just the start.


In “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor and Peri – Vol 1,” fans get an amazing audiobook experience. It explores the team of the Sixth Doctor and Peri. They go on exciting trips through time and space.

The Sixth Doctor’s unique personality stands out, keeping listeners engaged. Peri adds her own flair to their travels. Together, they make a great team.

The audiobook’s production and voice work are top-notch. It makes the Doctor Who world come alive for fans. And, it’s received great reviews from Whovians everywhere.

This audiobook opens doors to more from the Doctor Who world. Fans can check out related media and spin-offs. This deepens their love for the series.


What is “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor and Peri – Vol 1”?

It’s an audiobook about the Sixth Doctor and Peri from Doctor Who. They go on many fun adventures through time and space. You will hear stories full of excitement and mystery.

Who are the Sixth Doctor and Peri?

The Sixth Doctor is a new form of the Doctor. Peri is his friend who goes on adventures with him. They see amazing and sometimes scary things together.

What can I expect from “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor and Peri – Vol 1”?

You’ll find stories full of new places and creatures. The Sixth Doctor and Peri face many challenges. Their adventures are exciting and full of surprises.

What makes the Sixth Doctor stand out among other incarnations?

He is very smart and funny but sometimes acts odd. This makes him different and interesting. He adds something special to Doctor Who.

What are some notable qualities of Peri as a companion?

Peri is brave, smart, and strong. She helps the Doctor a lot. With her skills, they make a great team.

Who is involved in creating the audiobook?

Talented voice actors and a great production team made this audiobook. They worked hard to make the stories fun and true to Doctor Who.

What do fans say about “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor and Peri – Vol 1”?

Fans really like it. They enjoy the adventures and how the stories are told. They love hearing more about the Sixth Doctor and Peri.

Does “Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor and Peri – Vol 1” connect to other Doctor Who media?

Yes, it adds more to the Doctor Who world. Fans can learn more about the characters. It also links to other stories, so fans can dive deeper into Doctor Who.